What is BettingRevenue.com?

BettingRevenue.com is sports betting investment platform being run by professional betting team. BR have a network of 30+ contributors in many countries. Key to making profit in this business is selecting small volume games and trusting insider information. Sport betting is not like casino or poker, you don’t have to gamble if you know more than others do. Our goal is to achieve the information that was not published in media and gain huge advantage over amateurs.

More about investment

  • Minimum investment is 10USD.
  • Minimum investment term is 7 days.
  • Open for everybody worldwide.
  • 30 positive months in a row!

Who are our investors?

  • People who have no idea about betting and want to make good investment.
  • People who don’t want to register at bookies or have time to place bets.
  • Punters who are disappointed by paid picks services/tipsters.
  • Low budget punters who can not start this business by themselves.
  • Earn 18%-24% Passive Income per Month (~0.71% per Day)
  • No Commitment, Withdraw Anytime
  • Real Investment Offer