over 2.5 goals football trading strategyOver 2.5 Goals Soccer Trading Strategy

This is one of the most popular trading strategy on Betfair exchnage. Over/Under 2.5 goals market is right next to the Match odds market in terms of liquidity. This strategy is based on teams scoring Over 2.5 goals and that happens a lot!

The strategy

Using this strategy we will use two markets Over/under 2.5 goals market and Correct score market for cover.

Under 2.5 means, we’d expect 2 or less goals
Over 2.5 means, we need to see at least 3 goals in the match.

This strategy is low-risk, because if the favorite scores at least 1 goal, we will be at non-lose point or scratch. Then we will have to wait only for 2 more goals for profit. But this strategy is not for newbies at it requires certain ability to adapt and trade in two different markets at the same time.