It’s 2019 and if you’re still thinking that it is impossible to earn money from a blog, you’re clearly missing out on a viable long term income-generating opportunity.

There are hundreds of people out there who say they want to start a blog of their own, and perhaps you too have always fancied the possibility of blogging for a living. The idea of earning a living by blogging about something you are passionate about does not have to be a mere daydream or fantasy. Many say it’s tough getting there, but it certainly isn’t impossible.

Below is a comprehensive list of the most popular income-generating blogs to date. Most of them you’ve probably already heard of or even visited once upon a time while browsing the internet. Due to security reasons, it’s hard to find a blog with an income report. But thankfully, the blogs below still prefer to remain transparent with their monthly earnings.

These blogs are living proof that it is possible to build a lucrative business online. It shows the many possibilities and income opportunities a blog can offer, no matter what other people say or how over-saturated a blog topic may seem to be.

It’s important to remember that these blogs started with very humble beginnings, they all started from nothing. But because they decided to hit publish one day, they have a better shot at living a life that is free from financial burden and a soul-crushing 9 to 5 job.

Hopefully, this list would convince you to start working on your blogging goals as well. Read on below to find out more about these popular and successful blogs.

10 Blogs With Trasnparent Monthly Income Reports

Blog with income report #1 – Sarah Titus

sarah titus income report

Vertical: Productivity and Organization

Income: $433,188 (December 2018)

Income Report:

About Sarah Titus

Six years ago, blogger Sarah was living in a homeless shelter with $30,000 worth of debt. It was a tough time in her life but she persisted. Who knew that her love for graphic design and passion for creating printables would be the answer?

While most of her income was primarily from her printable sales, that does not discount the fact that her blog was a great help in helping her get customers. Thanks to her blog, her sales had also increased. Needless to say, her blog and online shop’s success, she was able to not only pay off her debt but also create a life she had always dreamed of.

Blog with income report #2 – Smart Passive Income

smart passive income report

Vertical: Online Business

Income: $2,171,562 in the past year (2018)

Income Report:

Pat Flynn is a popular figure on the web. Chances are, you’ve already come across his blog content or interview in the past. His blog, Smart Passive Income, teaches people how to utilize the web to create long-term passive income. He also offers courses on how to start podcasting and affiliate marketing as well.

Pat Flynn’s blog is a crowd favorite. Most people are drawn in simply because Smart Passive Income is a blog with an income report. Those reports serve as proof that his blogging and business advice is legit and should be taken seriously.

Blog with income report #3 – Making Sense of Cents

making sense of cents income reportVertical: Personal Finance

Income: $159,592 (November 2018)

Income Report:

Michelle had only one goal when she started out her blog, Making Sense of Cents. She wanted to improve her personal finances while sharing her progress and tips on the internet. According to Michelle, her $38,000 worth of student loans pushed her to create her blog.

It didn’t take long before her readership started growing into the popular, award-winning blog we know and love. Today, she also blogs about her adventures while living on a sailboat.

Blog with income report #4 – Breaking The One Percent

breaking the one percent income report

Vertical: Blogging and Digital Marketing

Income: $99,644 (February 2019)

Income Report:

Entrepreneurs Jeff Proctor and Ben Huber are passionate about sharing their entrepreneurship and business knowledge. Their blog, Breaking The One Percent, started out as a side hustle just a few years ago. But thanks to the consistent growth of the blog, it has now become a solid startup company that generates close to a $100,000 online.

Breaking The One Percent is all about how to make money blogging. Jeff and Ben share their tips and tricks on how to truly create a profitable blog online no matter your skill level.

Blog with income report #5 – Fire Nation

fire nation income report

Vertical: Online Business

Income: $140,332 (January 2019)

Income Report:

John Lee Dumas, the face behind the Fire Nation blog, is passionate about financial freedom. His blog teaches readers how to create a life that is free from the latches of a regular 9 to 5 job. Through his blog, he aims not only to prove that earning online is possible but to show others how financial freedom can happen in the lives of others as well.

Apart from teaching others the ropes of online businesses, Dumas also talks about forming important habits that will help people succeed in their personal goals. He is also known for his creation, The Freedom Journal that was launched on Kickstarter a few years back. It was known The journal generated $453,000 in 33 days and was awarded as the Amazon Choice in the journal category.
His blog, Fire Nation, is a treasure trove of online business advice, particularly if you are interested in starting your own podcast. But if you’re looking for a source of inspiration and life-changing life tips, then you will love reading Fire Nation as well.

Blog with income report #6 – Johnny FD

johny fd income report

Vertical Online Business / Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Income: $12,795 (January 2019)

Income Report:

Johnny is another popular figure in the blogging world. After quitting his job last 2008, Johnny moved to Thailand with his dreams of becoming a scuba diver. Who knew that after 3 years of training to become a professional Muay Thai martial artist, he would be creating his first online business? In 2013, Johnny published his first book on Amazon Kindle. But what really clicked was his attempt at dropshipping.

After dabbling in the world of self-publishing, Johnny invested more time and focus onto his dropshipping business. Followers of his blog know that he is a supporter of Anton’s Dropshipping Lifestyle course. His blog, Johnny FD, is an archive of his progress within the drop shipping industry. He also shares his own business tips and tricks – things he has learned by managing his online stores. Today, he also blogs about his life as a digital nomad, traveling around Thailand and in various countries across the globe.

Blog with income report #7 – Create and Go

create and go income report

Vertical: Blogging and Business

Income: $142,071 (January 2019)

Income Report:

Create and Go is another blog that is passionate about teaching others how to build a profitable blogging career. In less than 3 years, partners Lauren and Alex proved to the world that it is possible to change lives through blogging. Within those 3 years, they were able to overcome debt, quit their corporate jobs, and make well over $100,000 a month.

Their blog, Create and Go, is a collection of their blogging hacks. They teach their readers the exact tricks and tips that helped them succeed with their blogs. It is important to note that Lauren and Alex also manages a fitness blog where they also earn a handsome amount of income. This just goes to show that creating and managing a blog can be easy – you just have to have an open mind and the right business mindset.

Blog with income report #8 – Adventure In You

adventure in you income report

Vertical: Travel and Lifestyle

Income: $19,233 (June 2018)

Income Report:

Tom and Anna are world travelers passionate about sharing their experiences with the world while also helping others how to plan their trips. Their blog, Adventure In You, is packed with travel tips and information, gear reviews, and many more – practically anything you need before embarking on an adventure can be found here. It’s no wonder that their blog has become so popular among travel-loving individuals.

Today, their blog also contains tips and tricks on how to start a travel blog. They have a section on their blog called the Travel University where readers can find a collection of their travel blogging secrets. Apart from this, Tom and Anna also make a profit through their travel guide e-books sold on their website as well.

Blog with income report #9 – ShoutMeLoud

shout me loud income report

Vertical: Blogging and SEO

Income: $40,055

Income Report:

Shout Me Loud takes pride in the fact that they are a close-knit community of like-minded bloggers and entrepreneurs. It’s a great place to connect with people who are also passionate about blogging. Years before the current success of the blog, founder Harsh Agrawal had to borrow a friend’s credit card just to purchase its domain.

According to him, starting out wasn’t easy but he was thankful to have a friend who trusted him enough, allowing him to use their credit card. Because of this, Harsh was motivated to help others just as his friend did. All his hard work and sincerity in helping others paid off as Shout Me Loud is now a multi-awarded blog.

ShoutMeLoud has discontinued publishing income reports, but the past reports are gold!

Blog with income report #10 – Sewrella

Vertical: Arts and Crafts

Income: $10,180 (May 2018, the last published report)

Income Report:

Many people would think that arts and crafts won’t make as much money as other types of businesses. Perhaps it’s true that handmade businesses are hard to grow; you need more time and exert more effort to finish a single piece. But Sewrella founder, Ashleigh, definitely proved the world wrong about the handmade business.

Through her blog, she was able to reach other craft lovers all around the globe. She shares her projects, shares patterns for those projects, and creates a profit through affiliate marketing. On her blog, she also teaches her readers how to start a blog and make a profit from it.

I really hope that those income reports from well known blogger across the globe will inspire you as much as they did inspire me! When you see that others have done it, it becomes much easier for you to take on the challenge and do it yourself!

I have my income reports too, you can check them out here.