Introduction to Matched Betting tools

Most people who actively bet are nowadays participating in matched betting. This is mainly because in this style of betting there are almost zero risks. The money you use will be returned since one of the two outcomes you have predicted will come to pass. You just need to have the right information and to choose the right games.

Doing matched betting manually can take a lot of time and it usually tiring. You will need to spend a lot of time looking for the games that have the right odds. You might even miss out on games with good odds as you are searching for the ideal games. But you can simplify all this through using a matched betting software. The software will do all the hard work for you and within second give you the ideal games depending on the criteria you are looking for. There are many such applications and some are better than others. Here are reviews of the 3 best matched betting softwares.

odds monkey logoOddsMonkey matched betting software

This is a popular application which has been helping a lot of people do well and save time when it comes to matched betting. The software is designed in a manner you will get accurate information on the games that you can use in this kind of betting. You will just need to specify the kind of games you want and the application will give you the games that have the qualities that you want.

As a beginner you will have an easy time when it comes to learning how this software works. There is a free guide on how to use the application. There is also a guide on how to do matched betting which is helpful especially to people who might not be conversant with this style of betting. As a beginner you will also get a ten days trial for one pound. This provides an opportunity for all the beginners to get conversant with how the application works.

This software has high tech systems which scans the latest odds to help the users be able to choose the best options. Signing up is simple where one just needs to create an account. Through this account it will be possible to get the odds in a simple and convenient manner. There is also a support desk which can be accessed in different ways including live chats.

odds monkey review 2019

Odds monkey is trusted matched betting service with excellent knowledge base for it’s users

Main Features:

  • A helpful beginner guide
  • Works within seconds
  • Has odds from almost all the popular bookmakers
  • A helpful support desk
  • Updated on regular basis to provide the latest odds

profit maximiser logoProfit Maximiser Matched Betting Software

This particular software was developed by Mike Cruickshank who is well known in the betting industry. It is especially popular because of how fast it works and ability to produce accurate odds. It will save you hours which you would have spent searching for the right odds. It even has special features which are meant for users who would like to get personalized odds. There is even an in-play tool which allows the users to play more conveniently.

When using this particular application you have an opportunity to get alerts. This happens when you were searching for games with certain qualities but they were not available at the time. When there are games with the qualities you were looking for you will be alerted by the application.

The interface of this software is friendly and straight forward. You will be able to view and see everything that is offered by the application in a simple manner. In case you are not conversant with how the application works you will be provided with a helpful guide who will show you all the steps you need to follow. You will also get a thirty days trial period where you will need to pay just one pound for the thirty days.

profit maximiser review

Profit maximiser is top rated matched betting service!

Main Features:

  • An interactive and friendly interface;
  • A thirty days trial period for just one pound;
  • A user guide for beginners;
  • Alerts for people who might not find the right odds at the moment;
  • Works with many bookmakers and betting companies.

profit acumulator logoProfit Accumulator – Learn Matched Betting Online Easily

This is another matched betting software that has established itself as one of the market leaders in this industry. This software has been designed in a way that it can be easily used even by people who are not conversant with this type of betting. Its features are straight forward where even the people who are betting for the first time can be able to use it easily. There is even a guide which directs people on how to use the application effectively. There is also a support desk which has the ability to answer all the questions that the users might have.

Another primary feature of this application is that it has the ability to analyze thousands of games. You are just required to specify the qualities you want depending on the games you want. The application will apply the latest technology to give you results within seconds. Because of this you will not need to spend hours trying to get the odds that will help you make money in matched betting. The popularity of this application is so high that there are hundreds of people who have reviewed it and are enjoying how it works.

profit accumulator review

Profit Accumulator is UK largest matched betting community

  • Main Features:
    Easy to use especially for beginners;
  • Analyses thousands of games within seconds;
  • Have additional special features for different sports;
  • It is updated within seconds;
  • It is mobile friendly and as a result it be used even when travelling.

Final thoughts

It is evident that getting the right matched betting software can save you a lot of time and increase your chances of making money with minimal risks. The software will eliminate the need to spend time trying to establish which are the most ideal odds for your bet. The amount you spend to buy an application to match the odds will be recovered within a short time if you are serious with this style of betting.

While getting the ideal software you will need to consider the various features of the available applications. This is important because there are certain applications that are better than others. If you are a beginner you should especially go for the application that provides guidance on how to make money with this style of betting. Therefore, through comparing the various features you can be able to identify the most ideal matched betting software for you.