Create and sell apps for mobile phones

 make money onlineNowadays a lot of people own smartphones and tablet computers, so creating useful apps might be a good way to make some additional income.

The internet offers many video tutorials on how to create your own applications. Still, making the app is one thing; you will also need a good idea.

You can place a complete app in various app stores, sell it for a specific price or insert ads in the app.

There are many instructions and how to videos in the internet.

Sell your photos on the internet

ShutterStock , ShutterPoint , IstockPhoto are websites where you can upload photos you have taken and earn money with them.

When looking at the prices of the website, you can earn 15 to 85% of the price the photo is sold for. The better the quality of the photos is and the bigger your portfolio, the better chances you have of earning money.

Sell the things you don’t need

You can earn some money by selling the things you don’t need. You can put your belongings up for sale in Maybe someone will need a thing you find to be completely useless. Maybe you have something up in your attic that could be a great addition to a collection of someone. A lot of stories can be heard about what odd things have been sold on ebay, why not try?

Create your own online shop

Making your own online shop is not that hard because there are many free online shop platforms available. You could sell stickers, earrings, necklaces, embroidery or anything else in your shop. Maybe you could even start an online shop for your region’s hand crafts!