Using your existing knowledge, tools and resources, you can start your own business from home today. There are lots of stories about people, who started their successful business from home with no money, but with a strong desire and the commitment to do it at any cost.

If you want to have the freedom and an opportunity to work from home and be your own BOSS, there are 5 ways for you to start your business now from nothing.

Sell things on eBay and Etsy

eBay and Etsy are great places to start your own business. You can start selling stuff that overflows your house, attic or garage and you won’t have to pay anything until something is sold and you get your first profit. To be successful on these marketplaces you have to find the best things to sell for a good profit. When you get your first profit, you can reinvest your money and earn more! For example, you successfully sell your arm knitted scarves on Etsy platform, but you are able to knit only 3 scarves per week, maybe you should invest the money you earn in hiring another knitter or in automating this process. This way you can earn more!

Create your own blog

The authors of the most successful blogs invest in the domain of their blogs and bear the cost of hosting. However, many people start their blogs for free on sites like Blogger (a platform owned by Google and it is easy to add Adsense into it). When your blog has enough visitors and it starts to make money from the ads you place, you can buy a name for your website (12 EUR) and then you can also host the blog yourself.

On your blog you can make money not only from the ads of Adsense or affiliate marketing, but also by selling advertising space to other companies or by writing advertisements or promoting products.

Provide services

Each of your skills is like a product that you can start selling by simply telling people that you can help them. Do you have skillful fingers? Tell your friends and family that you are available and you can help them with repairs, painting and other work. If you have your own tools, you will definitely have a job! The main thing is to let people know about your skills and that you are available right now. There are many service business ideas you can start doing. For example, a dog walking services in Latvia have to be mastered, maybe you want to try your hand at it?

If you want to work without leaving your home, there are many services that can be provided via computer. Maybe you know how to build websites and design them or you can learn how to do it? This is a high demand service! Maybe you are good at drawing and you can make layouts, banners and other things for the different events? Maybe you are a good teacher and can teach online?


You can offer writing services as services on the Internet, but you can also sell your written works. Book writing, informative material writing, instruction manual writing etc. Nowadays people get a lot of information on the Internet and they are willing to pay for the things they find useful.

The Amazon Kindle books seem to be an unexplored field in Latvia. You can publish your books for free. Using a Createspace service your book will also be available in printed version and it will likely be put up for sale by retailers such as Barnes & Noble.

Micro jobs

Micro job is a good way to work at any time you want and do what you want (choose from certain jobs). Micro jobs may seem low-paid, but it is not true. There are many people who earn this way from 1000 to 2000 euro per month.

What are micro jobs? These are jobs that companies do not want to do, but are willing to pay someone to do the work for them, such as market research, text correction, data entry, typing etc. There are many websites on the Internet that offer these jobs and it is advisable to join several websites.