Yesterday i received message on Facebook account from one Pakistani affiliate marketing newbie. Thanks for reaching out, Muhammad. He wanted to find out if ClickBank is really a good affiliate partner and if it is really possible to earn a $ 700 commission from just one lead.

I was happy to answer him and thought it would be a good idea for a new post – how to earn hundreds of dollars of commissions from a $11.50 article. And I am talking about passive income – I only published this article once, but I have been receiving money for two years now!

zcode review

The average cost per conversion for Zcode System is $ 714.03 according to ClickBank data

I have to admit that I didn’t even know that my website was ranked first in the Google for this product with the keyword “Zcode system review.”

You can take a look at this review here: Zcode System review

zcode review google

I think that for the first time my website information is displayed as a Google Featured snippet – text before all search results. These short texts are meant for people to get answers to their questions without opening any website. These texts are also usually taken from the highest quality resource for a particular search.

So, this article should be super-high quality! But what is the truth?

Article for $ 11.50 in Google search first position making hundreds of dollars!

Let’s get back to the essence of this article – I ordered a relatively low quality review article for $ 11.50, which is now bringing new visitors to my website and making money every month.

Zcode system making money

The same picture as above, only at the bottom are my statistics: clicks, average earnings per click, refunds requested, revenue from the first purchase, revenue from repeat purchases.

So far, I’ve earned  about $ 400, but this article has only recently taken a prestigious Nr. 1 position in Google, so I can definitely expect a significant increase in revenue from this product in the near future.

Here’s how I choose the products to advertise, how I get better positions on Google search, where I order articles, and so on.

Where do I order articles for my websites?

I have ordered much of the content of the website from platform.

What is iWriter about?

iWriter is the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to have content written for your website. You’ll be able to post a project and 1000s of freelance writers from across the globe will have instant access to write your content quickly, professionally, and affordably.

I am very pleased with the quality of the content and speed of receiving fresh articles on the iWriter platform. Sometimes, the article is ready even as fast as two hours.

When ordering an article, you will be able to choose the following things:

  • Article length
  • Create an article from zero or overwrite an existing article
  • Keywords
  • Content writer level (4 levels available – Standard, Premium, Elite and Elite Plus)
  • Give instructions to the article writer

The price of an article will depend on the number of words in the article and the level of the content writer.

To understand approximate prices, the cost per 1000 word article for content creators at all levels is as follows:

Standard – $ 8.25
Premium – $ 11.50
Elite – $ 20.25
Elite Plus – $ 72

I’ve tried three levels of article writers – Standard, Premium and Elite.

I would not recommend choosing the Standard level, because the content there will be in terrible quality, almost unreadable to humans.

Premium content writers will mostly be very dedicated people, but their native language will definitely not be English. These articles will be readable, but you will have to go through them yourself and correct style mistakes. Zcode System Review article was also created with the Premium level. At this level, I have ordered about 45 articles.

I have recently started choosing Elite level content writers and am very happy with the quality of the articles. Basically, all I do when I receive these articles is format them to look good on the website. The quality of the articles is good – I`m not sure if I could make better ones myself.

iwriter article preview

It is also worth mentioning that all articles goes through the Copyscrape plagiarism testing system before submission, which means that the content will be original.

How do I choose affiliate products to work with?

This is one of the easiest things on my to do list – my websites are mostly about making money online, so I choose products that offer the opportunity to make money online.

If we talk specifically about ClickBank products, then I usually look at only two categories – Betting systems and Business / Investing. As you can see in the picture on the right, ClickBank offers dozens of categories to choose from.

ClickBank is the largest affiliate platform for digital products. In this platform it is possible to place your own products and receive affiliate links to various digital products – e-books, various online services, courses, etc.

When choosing products to advertise on the ClickBank platform, it is recommended to look at the “Gravity” indicator.

Gravity is a performance statistic – a number which represents a unique calculation by ClickBank that takes into account the number of different affiliates who earned a commission by promoting this product over the past 12 weeks.

In total, I am advertising about 15 Clickbank products and the Zcode System is the most profitable of them.

I always look at their website before advertising products so that it doesn’t look like the 1995 html version. I look at the sections of the website, the available statistics and other data that assures me that this service can really make money for someone.

I`m automatically skipping pages whose landing pages have a single video that automatically starts playing. I do not think that people still believes webistes like that.

clickbank payment

And yes, the commissions earned on ClickBank are paid out! I regularly receive payments from them to my bank account!

How do I get better positions on Google search?

This is probably a million dollar question. If you get your website to get high positions in Google search engine, then you will be able to make a lot of money!

In this case, I assume that there isn’t too much competition for the keywords “Zcode System review”, so my website has ranked first organically. On the other hand – Zcode System is one of the most popular products in the ClickBank section of Betting systems.

Either way, I’ve worked a bit on this website’s external SEO and also I’m trying to do the internal SEO as good as I can.

oms seo rating

The specific domain has a rather low Ahrefs SEO rating – 8/100. However, there are a relatively large number of websites that point to my website, and the number of backlinks is very large.

In the near future, I plan to make external SEO improvements by purchasing links from websites with high DA. This way, I will get a higher DA for my website and will definitely improve my overall SEO, which will improve my website traffic accordingly.

If we talk about the specific keyword “Zcode system review”, then its path to Google place No. 1 looked like this:

This is keyword “Zcode system review” statistics for Google search over the last 16 months. As we can see, the road was very long. I did absolutely nothing to get this keyword in the first place! I published this article about two years ago and only now it has reached first place.

I always choose SEO as the main source of traffic for my websites. I know it will take much longer, but I also know it’s worth it!

Of course, it is possible to create Google and Facebook ads on this particular product, which could be profitable. But my approach is more with a long term vision – to create a lot of content and work on SEO to make it rank well in the Google search engine. That usually results in a stable and passive income.

In addition to all the activities, the fact that the domain has been owned by me for about 10 years and it is easier to work with an aged domain than with a brand new one.

How can you start generating passive income with affiliate marketing?

The profit from one article described in this article can certainly serve as an example of a profitable system of making money online.

My approach to making money with affiliate marketing on the ClickBank platform would look like this:

  • You need to figure out which, and choose one of the categories available on Clickbank. I would suggest choosing a category that you are interested in. Then it will be easier to create content and put some of your experience in it;
  • You need to buy a domain and create a blog. The domain name should be somehow related to the category you have chosen. For example, if you want to create a blog about basketball, then a a quite good domain name would be your name + basketball tips. For example –;
  • You need to add Google Analytics and Webmaster tools to your blog to track search positions and website traffic;
  • You need to create blog content. You can create content yourself or order from iWriter or another platform;
  • You need to create review articles about the specific category of ClickBank products;
  • Create external SEO links with related anchor texts. You can contact similar blogs to exchange links. I definitely recommend registering and creating links on all social networks, being active in some forums, question-answer sites like Quora;
  • Update your blog with regular content;
  • Wait for visitors from Google and social networks to start visiting your website.
  • Expect first purchases from visitors and first commissions on the ClickBank platform.

Here it is. This is what I have done to make hundreds of dollars from ClickBank by outsourcing review articles. There is nothing complicated here, but it all requires a lot of time. If you are willing to invest your free time, then this is a great opportunity to create a passive income source.