Dropshipping became an instant hit for both buyers and sellers because of convenience. For buyers, they can buy anything they want, even if it’s from the opposite side of the globe, without ever leaving their home. For eCommerce store sellers, they can also sell to anyone worldwide by merely linking the supplier to their buyer.

If you’re an eCommerce store owner and you’re interested in linking with a dropshipping company in Ireland, know that you will have leverage over other sellers because you’re partnering with producers of high-quality products. On top of that, the European government is also proactively supporting these drop shipping companies by setting laws that made cross-border parcel deliveries cheaper. In addition, their government is also making a move to give more protection to buyers of these online drop shipping companies.

To help you link with the best dropshipping companies in Ireland, check this list out.

fashionTIY logoFashionTIY

Product range: Men and Women RTW, Kidswear and accessories, Accessories, Jewelry, Home and Garden Supplies, Party Supplies, and School and Office Supplies

Website: www.fashiontiy.com

FashionTIY dropshipping service review

FashionTIY is a dropshipping company that caters to the international market. When you look at their website, you’ll see over 100,000 best-selling products that belong in over 60 niche-supplier categories. They are like a one-stop shop that houses items like women’s dresses, men’s wear, kid’s clothes, fitness products, outdoor products, bags, shoes, beauty products, household items, fashion accessories, and all types of accessories. The good news is there’s no minimum or maximum order limit — you can order as little or as much as you want. They also offer a 30-day after-sales service to ensure that their partners and customers are well-guided.

mxwholesale logomxWholesale

Product Range: Gardening and planting, Health and beauty products, Stationery, Toys and games, Pet products, Party products, General clothing and accessories

Website: www.mxwholesale.co.uk

mxWholesale dropshipping service review

This trusted and recommended dropshipping company boasts of such dropshipping features as no minimum order requirement. This is good news for sellers as they don’t have to stock inventory in their storage facilities. They can simply order when a customer comes, buys, and pays for the same. The products in their inventory are also low-priced, so you can still profit even if you don’t set a high mark-up price. When you or your customer is buying from a non-EU country, they can also arrange a cost-effective shipping option.

dublin gift company logo

Dublin Gift Company

Product Range: Knitwear, Gift ideas, Men, women, and children clothing, Irish dance shoes, and Houseware

Website: www.dublingiftcompany.com

Dublin Gift Company dropshipping service review

This company is a provider of all Celtic and Irish items to their global clients. If you want to sell all kinds of Irish gift and speciality items, they are the company to work with. They take pride in their excellent product selection and product availability. All things they advertise for sale are already in their current inventory, so when you order, they will simply fulfil and ship them. All orders are also shipped within 24 hours.

nisupplements logoNISupplements

Product Range: Health and well-being products, Sports Nutrition, and Protein bars and drinks

Website: www.nisupplements.com

NISupplements dropshipping service review

This Belfast-based company is a supplier of health and wellness products from over 50 brands. With more than 15 years of experience, they have established themselves as an authority in the health and wellness industry. They have recently widened their business with their dropshipping option. As provided on their website, the company offers a white-label, fully integrated dropshipping solution. All you have to do is send them all your orders within the day, and they’ll dispatch these products from their Ireland-based store.

affinity wholesale logoAffinity Wholesale

Product Range: Furniture and gifts

Website: www.affinitywholesale.ie

Affinity Wholesale dropshipping service review

This company is a maker, supplier, and drop shipper of high-quality and sustainable wood furniture products. The furniture pieces they make are safe because of the reduced presence of chemicals that can cause pollution. If you want to be a seller of their goods, the company promises to keep you well-stocked. On top of that, they also support a flexible and efficient shipping and delivery system that will ensure the sending and receipt of goods in a timely manner.


Product Range: Customize print-on-demand goods and products

Website: www.printful.com/print-on-demand-ireland

Printful dropshipping (print on demand) service review

The company offer customization services for any kind of product you can think of. Be it shirts, drinkware, swimwear, hats, skirts, canvas prints, bags, phone cases, and flip flops — they got you covered. There’s no need for inventory costing for their sellers because all they have to do is send them the orders, and Printful will take care of the fulfilment and delivery. You can even set up a store through their website in minutes. They also ship within Ireland and anywhere in the world.


These are a few of the best-selling and highly profitable dropshipping ventures you can seriously consider. If you’re interested, you can drop these brands a message or email and start your eCommerce business right away!