Dropshipping continues to grow as more retailers rely on the business approach to fulfill their customers’ orders. This helps them compete with other businesses while spending less on inventory and storage space. Because the practice continues to grow, analysts predict that dropshipping will become more mainstream, especially with people spending more time online.

On the other hand, finding good dropshippers can be difficult with the many results popping up online. Some companies might claim to be good, but there are reviews that reveal that they are not as successful as they promise. To help you out, we’ve listed some renowned dropshipping companies in Austria.

oberlo dropshipping logoOberlo

Product Range: Accessories, Antiques, Art, Baby Clothes, Bags, etc.

Website: www.oberlo.com

Oberlo dropshipping service review

Oberlo is a very popular dropshipping plugin in Europe. The plugin is very popular because it offers a wide range of products paired with affordable prices. Most of the products come from China, which also affects the low prices. Oberlo gives customers their money’s worth with an easy search through their products. The starter plan is also free, and it already gives you access to 500 products.

drobbs logoDrobbs

Product Range: toys, household items, tools, and travel suitcases

Website: www.dropshipspecialist.nl

Drobbs dropshipping service review

Drobbs is a Dutch supplier that also works together with European countries. They have an automated order-product synchronization. Every year, they aim to create a revenue of five thousand Euros. With a high income, they can offer more benefits to their clients.


Product Range: fragrances, kitchen, home furniture

Website: www.bigbuy.eu

BigBuy dropshipping service review

Even in Austria, BigBuy is pretty famous for dropshipping needs. BigBuy offers its services to various European regions. The reason why BigBuy is so popular is that it provides a lot of support to its clients. 75% of clients gave it an excellent review due to their proactive customer service.

esources logoEsources

Product Range: Furniture, Electronics,

Website: www.esources.co.uk

Esources dropshipping service review

Esources has a lot of retailers and options. It has one of the most extensive lists of products, which is classified into different categories. Esources has an average of 4.9 ratings from 196 reviews. Most of the people who use it also recommend it due to the excellent quality of service. It adequately caters to the needs of the customers, and according to the reviews, they feel that they got their money’s worth. Like other platforms on this list, Esources gives stellar customer service. The platform has also saved people a lot of time and money. Not to mention, they also have great prices for their quality goods.

alibaba logoAlibaba

Product Range: Electronics, Apparel, Car Accessories

Website: www.alibaba.com

Alibaba dropshipping service review

Known as one of the biggest online selling platforms, Alibaba also offers drop shipping options. With its broad reach and locations all over the world, you can collaborate with Alibaba for your dropshipping business. If you are someone with a production line, then you can also try to be a supplier for the platform. More than the services they offer, Alibaba is also safe and legit. More often than not, people get the items they ordered quickly. And with thousands of sellers, there is no shortage of options for both customers and suppliers. It is very rare for a client not to receive the item they ordered.

nedis logoNEDIS

Product Range: Electronics, Sports, Smart Media, Energy

Website: www.nedis.com

Nedis dropshipping service review

NEDIS is a drop shipping company operating in Germany. It offers products that are mostly related to electronics. However, looking at NEDIS, customer reviews, there are only a few submitted by customers, and they are a mix of good and bad reviews. They are satisfied with the products they receive but did not get the quality of the product they were expecting. Overall, it has a 2.3-star rating for customer review despite being quite a popular dropshipping company.

There is a significant opportunity to earn profit from dropshipping in Austria. In fact, dropshipping can be a success anywhere. A person should only know the suitable suppliers and choose the right partners. Your suppliers should be reliable; otherwise, you could end up losing customers as well. If third-party suppliers cannot meet the demands of customers, you will have no way of providing the products they want. Afterward, managing cash flow is also very important. All of this will help you achieve success with the dropshipping approach.