Dropshipping may be a new term to many who have no idea what it entails, but I can assure you that it is a pretty straightforward business to start for those whose interest has been piqued and those who are industrious. Dropshipping has quite a reputation in France ranking second in terms of online transactions.
printful dropshipping



Product range: all products

Website: oberlo.com


Oberlo is among the best drop shipping companies in France because it gives suppliers the power to choose their products and import them directly to their customers without much hustle and bustle. Suppliers can manoeuvre through the app and customize their product details to meet the customer’s preferences. In addition to that, one is not limited to the number of orders one can make. Non-premium subscribers can make as many orders as possible. Inventory recorded has been made easier on Oberlo since suppliers do not have to worry about inventory recording since Oberlo does it on their behalf. Non- English speaking suppliers need not worry since the user interface of the app can easily be manipulated to the language of choice; English, Spanish, French, German, to name a few languages offered. Another advantage of using Oberlo is the support who are available around the clock to provide assistance whenever.


Product range: All products

Website: Cdiscount.com


The drop shipper’s existence emanated from their predecessors the Casino Group which has been around since 1998 and can only be found in France. The incentive that is appealing to new suppliers interested in getting into the drop shipping industry is the discount provided for bringing more customers to C-discount. While using this application, one can be able to set the request to the products one prefers to deal in and get alerts o anything concerning the products. Another pro while using their service is their regular price updates keeping the supplies on their toes. Customer care is also assured while using their service.


Product range: not limited to particular products; everything is available

Website: fnac.com


The dropshipping company was started by Andre Ethel and Max Thenet and has been in the market since 1954. The company has quite a reputation for the full range of home appliances available, making it easier for suppliers to acquire everything they require under one roof. One can be assured that quality products are available on this platform. Counterfeit goods are not sold on this platform. Suppliers can get after-sale services, and all enquiries they may be having are answered in the nick of time. Fnac is, therefore, among the most desired drop shipping companies in France because of the services offered to customers.


Product range: video games, books, music, food etc.

Website: priceminister.com


The company was founded in August 2000 and branched out from Rakuten. Priceminister deals in a wide range of products making it a better choice for suppliers because they could get everything they need under one roof and they do not have to venture out looking for another trusted company to use. The company is quite large and the fifth largest in France in terms of the sales made in e-commerce. Refund policy is provided by the company for goods that are delivered in poor condition. Customer guarantee and satisfaction is, therefore guaranteed. The user-friendliness of the app is also a plus for the company because the app can be easily used by non-intellectual people with minimal education.


Product range: home decor

Website: laredoute.com


This company is also a big shot in the industry but in the provision of home decorations. Their services span the entire Europe region and used by quite a number of people. La Redoute has a 30-day policy that allows unsatisfied customers to return items within the time frame provided. Money-back guarantees on items purchased are also provided. The money is returned via the method the payment was made, there’s no need to worry about being duped. The company also delivers to all parts of the world, and once the package gets to the selected destination, an email is sent out to the recipient of the parcel.
printful dropshipping


Product range: lingerie

Website: Tendance-Sensuelle.com


The company is credible since it has been around for around ten years. The costs that come with shipping are free with the company. A wide range of renowned companies such as Beauty Night and Anais have entrusted the company with the selling of their products. Ladies can entrust this company for all their lingerie product needs.


Product range: household items, food, electrical items, among many more.

Website: amazon.com


The services offered are among the best since free shipping is provided on purchase on goods above 29 euros. A wide range of languages is granted for the user’s preference. In addition to that, Amazon offers its services all over Europe, making it possible to get hold of products from whatever part of Europe if they are scarce in the region one is located. One can receive items bought within 2-4 days, making it reliable. The number and variety of goods are periodically refreshed for more products to be availed for suppliers.

To sum it all up, this is the overall compilation of the seven best drop shipping companies based in France. The work is already cut out for you as a supplier. All you need to do is choose the drop shipping company of your choice based on your preferences and the products you may be planning to incorporate into your business. Do not hesitate in joining the business. The advantages that come with it, especially in France are very compelling, and I would recommend more people to engage in the business. I hope the article was informative enough to serve any rising questions one may be having regarding drop shipping in France.

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