Do you want to launch an e-business in Poland without going through the process of stock inventory? Or does your business require expansion by offering additional products? Then making use of Poland dropshippers is the way to go.

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What exactly is Dropshipping?

It is the process of partnering with a dealer to exhibit their merchandise in your store. In short, you can put up their merchandise for sale on your website. If a client orders an item from your website, the dealer will ship the merchandise directly to your client: you never get to handle the product.

Dropshipping has its own inherent risks; it can be a daunting task locating a Dropshipping company that is trustworthy and reasonably priced in your business field. Most Dropshippers are small corporations with little marketing influence; hence they may not pop up in a Google search. The following are seven trusted Dropshipping Companies in Poland.

coco fashion logoCoco Fashion

Product range: Jackets, dresses, blouses and pants.


Coco Fashion distribution Dropshipping service review

This is a Poland based Dropshipper that provides services in Europe and across the world. You have an option of automatically uploading using the CSV merchandise feed or opt for manual uploading. When a client uses your website to place an order, Cocoa Fashion delivers and you end up keeping the profit. There are no expensive inventories or complex online account systems. Acceptable payment methods include bank transfer, PayPal and Credit card. It is interesting to note that Cocoa Fashion gives vendors free sourcing and hosting services to enable you make the best choice of product category before investing your funds. The company will also use your business name and image to ship directly to your clients. Dropshipping charges include $ 50 monthly fee and $ 10 for every successive month.

Available transport bureaus include, DHL, GLS, UPS, DPD, TNT, CoreOS, Sawn and FedEx. The company’s catalogue is available in twenty four European languages and there is one hundred percent native translation.

Bras Wholesaler, Myslowice

Product range: Bras, Lingerie, chemises, corsets, gowns, thongs, kids wear, handbags, underskirts, loungewear, swimsuit and pajama sets.


Bra Wholesaler distribution Dropshipping service review

This company is a distributor of brand lingerie. It provides the top assortment of lingerie from Polish manufacturers. It also specializes in worldwide exportation of the lingerie products. Destinations include Europe, South America, Japan, Canada, Asia , USA. European minimum orders start from 150 Euros. Upon payment receipt, the base time is one fortnight.

A drop shipping client can easily import products using this store. A majority of this company’s clients are online traders, market traders and other big corporations in the world who value quality products available at reasonable prices. As a retailer, this company will send all the ordered merchandise directly to your clients at an economical drop shipping fee per item.

Dropship, Jaworzno, Poland

Product range: Clothing and Fashion, Soft and Plush Toys, Boots.


Company Review

Working with this Dropshipper is easy: just send an order specifying the type of clothing or toy and the company will take care of the rest. To top it up, an account supervisor is available to guide take advantage of commercial offers, promotions and assist you in the whole transaction. The company provides services to one hundred countries across the world.

Fabric Handbags Importer, Brzeg Poland

Product range: Fabric Handbags, Shirts & Blouses, Purses and wallets.


Company Review

The company focuses on importing and Dropshipping clothing, handbags and accessories. It provides one of the finest drop shipping platforms in Poland. There is an extra cost (VAT) for every order that has been placed. The orders will be delivered directly to your clients without the hassle of neutral boxes, delivery notes and sealed invoices. Simply fill in the registration form at the company’s website and begin enjoying their services.

Camcorders and Video Cameras Trade Supplier, Gdynia Poland

Product range: Mobile phones, Radios, Camcorders and video cameras.


Company Review

This company was started in 2009 and specializes in drop shipping camcorders. It also provides other quality products like GPS navigation, car electronics (radios, camcorders), and reversing cameras. It is one of the best electronics Dropshippers in Poland. The company also distributes its products to more than one hundred and thirty countries in the world. With more than 500 leading retailers in Poland, it is the ideal Dropshipper for any retailer irrespective of the location.

Skirts and Dresses Wholesaler, Myslowice, Poland

Product range: Skirts & Dresses, Coats & Jackets, Shirts & Blouses.


Company review

Established in 2015, this is a company that drops ships clothing and bags. It offers a wide and fashionable range of elegant and casual business dresses, pants, blouses and blazers. Its products are from well-liked brands like Vera Fashion, Alore, Tessita, Ambigante, Nommo, Awama, Lanti, Verosotilo and Katrus. Other products include swimwear and lingerie. Simply make your pick and the company will do the shipping for you.

Dropship Men’s Clothing Dropshipper Knurow, Poland

Product Range: Coats, jackets, swimwear, shoes, jewelry, scarves, men and women clothing.


Company review

This is a wholesaler and Dropshipper based in Knurow, Poland. The company specializes in supply of a variety of exclusive, elegant and luxurious products. One of the best things about this company is that there is no hidden upfront fee which means that you don’t have to pay any monthly charges or take a stock inventory. There are also no manual orders and hence you can easily integrate your store to ensure there is automatic uploading of every order for easy delivery. It has various products on offer and excellent services. If you opt for this Dropshipper then you will be guaranteed of making profits, have discounted samples and hassle-free shipping.


To sum up, there are many drop shippers in Poland that you may consider to take your business to the next level. Better still, you can mull over the above seven trusted drop shipping companies to take care of your drop shipping requirements and benefit from the possible advantages of using a good supplier based in Poland.