Introduction to AccaTipster

Most people who make money on football betting usually get tips from reliable sources. The main benefit of getting tips is that there is a lot of information to be considered before deciding on what to bet on. There are also many sources of information and some might be providing misleading information. This makes it paramount to ensure that you get a reliable football tipping service that will improve your chances of winning.

AccaTipster is a football tipping service which provides an assortment of accumulator bets such as five folds, trebles and doubles on the main European leagues. This particular service was developed by Steve Hudson who is renowned in the football betting world. The service has helped a lot of people make money through providing them with well analyzed accumulator bets. It is also easily accessible from almost anywhere provided one has a gadget that can receive emails. On this AccaTipster review we shall discuss how the service works and how it can benefit people who are interested in football betting.

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How AccaTipster Works?

This service is simple to follow where user get five bets every week for the weekend games. The tips for these five bets are usually sent via email and they are meant to help you make informed decisions when making your accumulator bets. The platform has a strike rate of about 48% which shows that there are high chances of making money. The tips you receive will have been researched and analyzed properly to make sure that they can give good returns. You will not have to spend hours trying to find suitable games for your accumulator bet. The fact that only five bets are sent per week gives the benefit of avoiding betting addiction which is a problem with some people.

How to register and start making money with AccaTipster?

When you want to enjoy the service provided by this platform you will need to start by registering. On the registration process you will have to provide your email address which will be the one used to send tips to you. You will also need to provide other basic details such as your name. All the details you provide are kept in a secure manner to ensure that they cannot be accessed by anyone else. After you have registered you will be receiving the tips through your email. This gives an opportunity to access the tips from almost anywhere in the world provided there is network coverage and you have the right device.

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AccaTipster platform latest results are impressive!

The pricing for this service is affordable and reasonable where this is the main aspect that has made this service popular. To be receiving the tips for your accumulator bets you will need to pay a subscription fee of 14.95 pounds per month or 67 pounds per year. The importance of paying this subscription fee is that you will not be needing to go through games so that you can decide the ones to include on your accumulator bets. This will save you a lot of time and will also increase your chances of winning because the provided tips are usually properly analyzed. The payments are made through secure payment options. You will be directed on the payment option to use but you can be assured that the payment option is totally secure.

As a beginner you can get a demo account which you can use to get used to how the service works. You will not have to pay anything for using this account and this will give you time to get conversant with how it works. After you are convinced that this is a reliable and helpful service you can then go ahead and pay the subscription fee. There is a sixty days money back policy which allows you to get your money back in case you are not satisfied. This policy is run through ClickBank which will ensure that you get your money back. ClickBank will pay the money back in case there are issues with AccaTipster.

Subscribe to AccaTipster for € 14.95 a Month

Usability and Functionality

Using this service is simple because you just need to register. The tips you receive are direct where you just need to select the games that you think are correct. This is helpful especially if you have been having a hard time trying to win your accumulator bets. There are a lot of testimonials from people who confirms that they were able to win after using this service. These testimonials are helpful mainly because they come from people who have already used this service.

From different Accatipster reviews it is clear that this service has helped a lot of people. This is especially because placing accumulator bets is usually very challenging. There are people who have been trying to place these kinds of bets without much success. But through the help of this service such people are now able to get good returns on their investments. With five bets per week such people are able to make the right choices without having to spend hours doing research.

Advantages of AccaTipster

  • This service can be used from anywhere provided there is internet connection
  • The registration process is simple where almost anyone can easily register
  • There is availability of Acca Ins free bets for the users
  • The service has proven itself to be reliable
  • The 48% strike rate shows there are high chances of winning for all the users
  • There is provision of advice on how to bet effectively

Disadvantages of AccaTipster

  • The service does not cover all football games around Europe

Conclusion on AccaTipster review

From this AccaTipster review it is evident that this service can be very helpful to anyone who would like to make money with betting. The sixty money back guarantee gives assurance that these tipsters are confident with their service. If you do not win from the tips that they provide you will be entitled to getting your money back.

This service is also easy to use where even beginners can be able to use it conveniently. You do not even have to understand the games being played because the tips are well analyzed before they can be sent to the users. The service is also very affordable compared to similar services which are available in the market.

Therefore, this AccaTipster review confirms that this service is helpful especially when it comes to placing accumulator bets.

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