My Second Internet Marketing Income Report

It is 8th of April and I finally have some free time to write my second income report for

Nothing much have changed in terms of income sources, as my Latvian affiliate website is still generating about 90% of my income. But I have made some nice impact to this website in terms of content and traffic, but I will go in to detail about that later.

You can read why I have decided to write income reports in my first Internet Marketing Income Report.

How much money did I make in March, 2019?

The title is not lying, after compiling income and expenses of month of march, the profit was 894.53 EUR. That is 160.85 EUR more than in previous month, so I am making progress (or March was just lucky month).

My income sources in month of March was the same as in February – Affiliate site, dropshipping store and in March I got first income from this website.

Income statement

income statement march 2019

Here is a pie of my March 2019 income from different sources. Income streams has not changed at all – the portfolio still consists of 6 income streams. There is one more income stream missing, which is Forex Affiliates, but I have not made any FTD for the last two months. Also I am looking to add ClickBank commissions to my income streams in the near future, as I hope that this page is soon bringing a lots of visitors to my reviews of CB products.

The biggest part of the pie is income from P2P affiliate commissions. I am actively advertising P2P investments to Latvian audience. I am working with almost all P2P and real estate  crowdfunding companies that are in the market. There is an affiliate network called Target Circle, where you can access all of those programs in one place.

In February there was 54 leads/sales across all P2P investment platforms that I work with. That means that for every lead I got about 6.9 EUR. This number is lower than last month, when it was 7.2 EUR for each lead. I will do all in my power to raise this number closer to 10 euro next month!

Second largest income generating source was Gambling affiliation. 348.01 EUR from all the gambling sites that I work with could be the best month that has ever been. Compared to February, when I got 230.03 EUR, it is very nice increase! This increase stands almost for all the extra profit that I made this month.

But it is no wonder, that commissions are increasing, because the number of customers with my affiliate badge is growing. In March I generated 78 leads (50 in February) and 45 (36 in February) of them became depositing customers.

Currently I am working with 4 gambling affiliate programs: OlyBet Affiliates, Lifland Affiliates (Optibet), Betsson Group Affiliates, and affiliate program. All of these affiliate programs have been excellent so far. The payments are always on time and I get nice customer support from affiliate managers from time to time.

The third largest section of pie belongs to Systems and Services. In March I made 86 EUR on cash back offers on short-term loans. I have been using this system for many years now and it brings me some money every month. I have also made a post about it on this website – Cash back offers from short term loans.

The pie section “Others” is for guest posting and other advertising deals. In March I made another two leads for my friend, a professional realtor, Deivids Cjuksa course-workshop “Passive income: How to make money with real estate”. A small, nice profit of 100 EUR for about 30 minute work – posting an article on my website

76 EUR was made through my dropshipping store DiscoverLatvia.euThis is very small profit in February, but we are still working hard to make this store to bring in more money. Recently I wrote an article about how I decided to make a local Dropshipping store.

The least profitable income stream still is AdSense display ad network – 43.87 EUR. With the traffic amount that my websites currently generates, I can be happy with this number! There was 7000 visitors to and few hundred visitors to These are the only websites that I have connected to AdSense display advertising network.

Despite AdSense is the least profitable tool in my portfolio, I am happy that I made my first money with with this network. In March I made 12.87 in advertising revenue on wbsite that I am working on for a very short time. I am quite happy about this fact. And I was surprised, that almost third of this sum was made only from one click. I suppose that there are quite a lot of “expensive” clicks in Make Money Online niche, so this could be my secret weapon in the future.

adsense income march

Expenses statement

online business expenses statement

The expenses for month of February are 133.56 euros.

I pay 20 euros + VAT for MailerLite email marketing service. I have 2,501 – 5,000 subscriber plan. Currently there are 3,670 emails on my list. In February 316 new subscribers opted in my list and 24,718 emails were sent.

I was quite active on e-mail campaigns in month of March – sent 7 campaigns and got 778 visitors to my websites from emails. Not bad traffic from email marketing, knowing that each campaign takes maximum one hour of work (usually much less).

I am hosting my websites on Hostgator and Cloudways. All the money-sites are hosted on CloudWays and I can say that it is a great option to choose.

Just under 70 euros was spent on Facebook ads. I spend between 50-100 euros on FB ads every month and I should probably spend more, because I am getting very cheap clicks. I got 1261 website clicks for 68.72 euros. That is about 5.4 cents for one visitor to my website.


March was great month for me in terms of Internet Marketing earnings. I also was working my ass of making content and looking for some backlinks for this website. But it is nice to realize, that I am making money on my Latvian website, while working on my global website.

In march I published 39 articles on Online Money Spy and spend all my evenings doing that. But I firmly believe, that my efforts will be recognized after some time and this site will be much better than my Latvian affiliate website.

Also, I have updated the logo of this website. Isn’t it stylish?