With all other standard bets it is common that they offer three options; win, lose or draw, with the probability of each one being 33%, it is different when it comes to Asian handicap bet. The probability of occurrence for draw is eliminated in this game. So there are only two options that you can bet on; being home or away. This is likely to trigger more adrenalin right?

Using AH for the abbreviation in this guides, we would like to share some simple rules regarding Asian Handicap with you. You will read majority of the AH lines on this page, along with the explanation of rules.


With eliminated draw options and simple rules, the game is simple starting with 0-0. Neither of the teams gets any advantage.

Consider Manchester United against Arsenal AH 0:0

Home Odds 1.90, Away Odds 1.95

Suppose you have decided to bet $100 over Manchester United winning the game at 0-0 AH at 1.90 odds. To win your coupon you would have to keep hoping for Manchester United to win the game. If they do then your total revenue would be $190 ($100 X 1.90). The formula is Home Odds multiplied by the figure that you have bet. Your profit is going to be $190 – $100 = $90. A thrilling goal can add more thrill to your life here! Since we already said that draw options have been eliminated, if the match ends in a draw then you simply get your $100 back. If Manchester United loses the game, then you would have put confidence in the wrong team and lost your $100.

The same can happen with Arsenal. If they win the game, you win a profit like explained above. If Arsenal loses then you lose your bucks too. No wager, no bet, it is quite simple to understand.

Some betting games offer things like Draw No Bet (DNB for short) and Levelball, it is quite the same as AH 0:0.


In this game the team that is popularly expected to lose is advanced with one quarter of a goal before the game starts. So conventionally, this begins with 0-1/4. The draw option does not apply here either. It is a little complicated in the sense that you need to keep track of your halves. If the team wins, you get half of the bucks that you have bet. If it loses then you lose half of your stake. It is a win-lose situation.

Consider the example: Bayern vs Schalke AH – 0:1/4 (Schalke with the 0,25 advantage here)

Home Odds 2.00, Away Odds 1.90

If Bayern wins the game and you had $100 on stake for the team to win AH -1/4, you would simply get your stake multiplied with the Home Odds $100 x 2.00 = $200. A good chance to double your money! …eh? Your profit would be the same amount that you have bet in this case, $200 – $100 = $100. If unfortunately for you, Bayern loses, you lose your money and nothing would be returned. If the game ends in a draw you would lose half of your bet and $50 would be reimbursed to you.

Alternatively, if you have placed a bet on Schalke to win AH +1/4, their winning would give you a profit of $90. This is calculated as total revenue being $100 x 1.90 =$190. Subtracting the original stake you get $90. In case of a draw you get half your stake back which is $50 and the other half would come at 1.90. This means that with 50$ (back) + 95$ (50$ X 1.90) = 145$. Your profit is 145$ – 100$ = 45$.


When the underdog team is advanced half a goal, we say that the game has started at 0-1/2. The draw option is as usual eliminated and in case the team loses, you get nothing back. If it wins, you win. So it is a win-lose AH game.

Consider Stoke Vs Chelsea for example AH 1/2:0 (Stoke with a 0,5 advantage here)

Home Odds 1.85, Away Odds 2.00

We use (-) if the team is favored by AH. If you have bet $100 for Chelsea to win -1/2 AH, then there is a need for a win if you want to win, it is simple. In any other case, you lose your money. If Chelsea wins, you win $100 x 2.00 = $200. It means you take 100 dollars home. But if your team loses the game, or the game ends in a draw, sorry, you would get nothing and you would be losing your bet and money.

If any team is advanced by AH we use the sign (+). Say you have bet $100 on Stoke to win the game. If the team wins or the game ends in a tie then you would be winning 100$ x 1.85 = 185$. Your profit would be 85$. If the game is won by Chelsea instead then you lose your money too! This type of betting (+0,5) is exactly the same as betting a double chance bet 1X for stoke, only with better odds!


This is slightly different from AH 1/4 by an exception. Here, the team that is popularly losing is advanced a quarter of a goal before the game kicks off. Draw option does not exist.

You can take an example of Sevilla vs Barcelona AH – 3/4:0 (Sevilla with the 0,75 advantage here)

Home Odds – 1.90, Away Odds – 1.90

We are considering Sevilla as the underdog and hence three quarters of a goal have been advanced to them before the game begins. If you have bet $100 on Sevilla to win AH +3/4 then in order to win the coupon you must hope that Sevilla would either win or the game ends in a tie. In case of either you win 100$ X 1.90 = 190$. Your profit is 190$ – 100$ = 90$. If by some misfortune, your team loses and Barcelona wins by 1 then half of your stake ($50), would be lost and the other half would be returned to you. If Barcelona is the one that wins the game by 2 or even if with more goals then you would lose all your stake. This is slightly different from 1/4 AH, but it is fairly easy to comprehend.

On the other side if you have placed your bet on Barcelona to win with a -3/4 AH, then they need to win the game by two or more goals in order to get you your winning coupon. You would win $100 x 1.9 = $190 in the case. Your profit would be $190 -$100 = $90. If Barcelona wins by 1 goal you would get back half of your stake which is $50 but you would win the other half ($50 x 1.90)! You win 50$ (back) + 95 (50$ X 1.90) = 145$. Your profit is 145$ – 100$ = 45$. But if the game ends in a tie or the other team Betis wins, you lose your all stake.


The game begins at 0-1 because 1 goal is advanced to the underdog team before the game starts. Like before, the draw option is eliminated here as well.

Example: Napoli vs Siena AH – 0:1 (Siena with 1 goal advantage here)

Away Odds 2.05, Home Odds 1.80

If you have placed a bet of $100 on Napoli to win the game, and you want to win the coupon then you keep hoping that Napoli wins the game by 2 or more goals. If Napoli saves your day by winning with two or more goals then you get 100$ X 1.80 = 180$. You profit is 180$ – 100$ = 80$. Alternatively if Napoli wins by 1 goal (1-0, 2-1, 3-2..), then you only get your stake back and no profit comes along. If the game ends in a tie or Siena wins, you are going to lose all your stake.

If your bet has been placed on Siena to win AH +1 then Siena must either win or the game must end in a draw for you to win the coupon. If either of the two mentioned happens, that is a win or ties, you win 100$ X 2.05 = 205$. Your profit is 205$-100$ = 105$. If by misfortune Siena loses by 1 goal then you get your money back. No loss there. However, if Napoli wins by 2 or more then you are going to lose all your stake.


Asian handicap is better than the standard betting in our opinion because of more winning options that it offers the players. It seems hard because of the rules but once you get into the game it is going to be easy.