Back The Server

tennis trading strategy

This is the easiest and the most understandable tennis trading strategy. It is used in the process of the game, ideally when watching the game live.

The Strategy:

This strategy is great for men’s matches because men are better servers then women.

It is recommended to place bets on the favourite players with a ratio from 1.8 to 1.4

BACK bet should be placed before he starts serving.

It is not recommended to place a bet on the first serve because the players often need time to get into the game properly. You should carefully choose when to get involved by evaluating the performance of the sportsman.

If the server loses the first point (0:15), then you need to close your bet and accept a loss (making a LAY bet). If the server evens out the score (15:15), then you can enter the market again. If he loses a point again, you should close your bet again and accept a loss. You should not get yourself involved when the score is 30:30.

To gain the most out of this strategy you should keep this in mind:

  • Choose the games where men play.
  • The tennis court surface is not important.
  • It is not advised to make a BACK bet on a player that is not the favourite.
  • The liquidity in the market should be at least 50 000.

Advantages Of This Strategy:

  • You can use this strategy on every serve
  • The possibility that the server will won the game is very high

Disadvantages Of This Strategy:

  • You will gain only few ticks (0.05-0.15) comparing to other strategies
  • You will lose much more if the serve will be broken

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