Affiliate networks

If you have decided to create your own affiliate marketing website, then you definitely need information about various affiliate marketing networks. These networks or individual programs exist for practically every product. You can advertise payday loans, cosmetics, clothes and more. I would recommend advertising something you yourself like because if you like plating football, you will be better at promoting football accessories than beauty supplies for women. To be able to earn money you need to be able to catch the attention of people and be persuasive enough to convince them that this product is worth buying.

It is also important to choose the market in which you will work. You should definitely choose a bigger market, like the British, American or Russian ones. The only obstacle might be the language – you need to know it well in order to make a webpage in it because it is hardly believable that someone might read a website that is full of grammar and spelling mistakes. Of course, you could use the services of a translator and let someone do it for a specific sum of money, but that is not the best option because you have no idea whether your webpage will be profitable or not.

If your goals are bigger and you want your webpage to be attractive to a bigger audience, you will definitely need to choose an affiliate network that offers the products to the whole world. Specific groups of products have specific networks, for example, advertises exclusive slimming and beauty products.

moreniche affiliate network is the leading affiliate network in beauty products. Many campaigns are available here for losing weight, whitening your teeth, softening the skin and so on. These products are very much in demand because everyone wants to look good. This website offers not only banners, but also page samples, information on the products, before & after pictures and many other useful things. A big advantage in this network is that you will be given a free consultant who will help you and give you advice. You might get lucky and get one of the two Latvian consultants as well! You will find a lot of useful information in the forum.


amazon affiliate networkEveryone probably knows what is. Amazon also offers the chance to advertise their products and receive a commission up to 10% of the value of the product. The more products get bought via your link, the more you receive. I think this is a great offer – you create a website where you summarize, compare and evaluate every Apple product Amazon offers, promote your site and get 10% of every sold unit’s value. This is just an example, but if you could make it happen, then… well, you can do the math.

Other Affiliate Networks:

pay4results -European affiliate network

Google Affiliate Network – combine this with adsense!

Share-a-sale – monetize your blog!

Commission Junction – choose what you want!

Click bank – digital product market