At these online retailers, we see the majority of their merchandise comes from suppliers around the world. They also sell dropshipped products, but many dropshippers use these retailers as intermediaries to help them get more customers and find suppliers for their products or services.

They’ve got thousands of items in stock, including electronics, health & beauty care, sporting goods, apparel, and much more. In addition, they have a sophisticated system that puts their dropshippers ahead of the crowd. They also offer dropshipping services to shop owners who want to try it out before implementing it into their current business model and need some help from professionals to get started.

Big buyers can choose among over 20,000 products on sale at the time of writing, plus they enjoy a first-class buying experience that includes buying guides, tools, and other features specifically designed for them. Here is a list of the six best dropshipping companies in Canada.

gertex logoGertrex

Product range: Hosiery products & fashion


Gertrex Dropshipping Service Review

If you are trimming down your choices and only want to focus on apparel, the highly recommended dropshipper is Gertrex. They offer a wide selection of clothing brands and additional services such as graphic design, promotional products, and print repair. You can visit their website,, and choose products that suit you and your business. They are a dropshipping company that supplies their customers with the best customer service and stands by their word. Their vision is to be the leading dropshipping supplier of wholesale apparel to retailers.

salehoo logoSaleHoo

Product range: From A to Z


SaleHoo Dropshipping Service Review

First on the list is SaleHoo. Their drop shipping service has over 10 million active shoppers and more than 2,000 dropshippers. They offer a wide range of products all in stock at all times. The product range that SaleHoo offers includes the most popular electronics, travel gear, health and beauty products, jewelry & watches, fitness & sports equipment, etc. They have drop shipping companies listed on their website and thousands of drop shippers who are looking for wholesale sources of products they can resell to their customers. You can visit their website to browse and find what you need. They provide online shopping services at the lowest prices with fast delivery options, 100% satisfaction guaranteed, and a secure shopping experience for their customers. They are one of the biggest online dropshipping platforms in Canada.

urban country decor logoUrban Country Decor

Product range: From A to Z


Urban Country Decor Dropshipping Service Review

For furniture and home decor, Urban Country Decor is an ideal choice. They offer a wide range of luxury home furnishings and accessories shipped directly from their warehouse to your doorstep. They have over 20,000 items in stock, and you can also buy all kinds of home decor accessories along with the furniture. You can shop at their website to find what you need and bring variety into your house. They are a dropshipping company that delivers products fast to you within the week free of charge.

sci logoSCI

Product range: Technology Products and Services, Healthcare, Beauty, and Wellness


SCI Dropshipping Service Review

As medical supplies are highly regulated, it is best to start with a dropshipper with a license to deal with medical products such as SCI. They offer various over 500,000 high-quality health products, including vitamins, supplements, nutritional supplements, hospital types of equipment, and much more. You can visit their website to browse the entire range of products they have on sale. They are committed to customer satisfaction, and their online service is available 24/7. SCi serves businesses such as doctors, hospitals, and dental offices across North America. As a result, they can also help you find suitable medical suppliers or manufacturers located worldwide.

naturally vain logoNaturally Vain

Product range: Hosiery products & fashion


Naturally Vain Dropshipper Service Review

If you are looking for a massive range of products at great prices delivered quickly, the dropship company for you is Naturally Vain. They aim to offer their customers a variety of beauty products at competitive prices to earn good margins and make money online. They have hundreds of vendors and over 1 million items in stock. You can visit their website The good thing here is that this company has a wide range of payment methods which include cryptocurrency.

ship hype logoShipHype

Product range: Order Fulfillment Service for your eCommerce Business


ShipHype Dropshipping Service Review

ship hype

Suppose you wish to start dropshipping fashion, hazardous goods, home furnishing, electronics, automotive, food and beverages, industrial equipment, healthcare, luggage, arts and crafts, construction. In that case, there is no better choice than ShipHype. They have over 5000 dropshippers listed on their website, and you can also filter by category for a particular type of product. If you’re unsure which the supplier is right for your business, visit their website to get a free drop shipping supplier recommendation from ShipHype. You will also get the chance to browse the entire range of products they have on sale. They are committed to customer satisfaction, and their online service is available 24/7.