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Geeks Toy – AGT Pro

AGT Pro is a leading software product in the Betfair API marketplace that allows for easy and fast access to the betting markets and gives users the ability to view and interact with the Betfair

exchange that ­ in terms of usability, custom settings and features ­ far exceeds anything that
can be achieved through the Betfair web interface alone. Single­click betting is one example of
its usability, its custom settings let you personalise your preferred trading environment, and its
features include more advanced betting interfaces such as multi­market trading, an in­play
betting tool and conditional bet placement through the multibet tool. It even comes with a Training
Mode that lets you try things out without committing real money

Training Mode

This mode will be a major boon to those using the software for the first time or for those trying
out new strategies. In it you are able to place virtual bets on the market just as you would for the
live market, and AGT Pro will simulate the progress of this bet against the real market data. In
this way, the many features of the software and the feel for the market can be experienced
without any of the risk to real funds.

One­Click Betting

One of the major advantages of AGT Pro over the normal Betfair website is the ability to place
bets with a single click, this can significantly enhance your ability to interact with the behaviour in
the market and allow for an immediate response to any developments within it. It’s a
straightforward feature but its impact should not be overlooked.

Ladder Interface

The Ladder Interface is many a trader’s tool of choice and for good reason. With the market data aligned in a vertical format, the data within the market becomes a visualrather than numerical entity, so you can easily keep an eye on an individual entry or even the whole market without having to crunch the numbers – ideal in a fast­paced environment. With the Ladder comes a range of customisation options to help view the state of play. The ladder canbe configured to show graphs alongside or below it and its columns can be configured to show the current prices, unmatched bets, or a what­if figure if bets have already been matched and you’re looking to place a counter bet. The ladder will also show where there is any staking activity across the full market, useful for in­play betting.

Hedging / Greening

Automatic hedging is a facility available whether using the Ladder Interface or the Grid Interface. It will help in creating an even outcome across all possible results in a market and can be used. It can be set to hedge an entire market in one go or it can hedge an individual selection within a market. The potential outcome can be seen at all times leaving it to you to decide when to close a trade.


Charting facilities within AGT Pro are where its customisation opportunities really show through. As well as
the price/traded volume graphs familiar from the Betfair website, AGT Pro offers the option to view candlestick
charts, Bollinger bands, moving averages and much more. Not only is there choice to decide which graphs to show but there are also options in how to display them -they can be above, below or to the side of the ladder and the charting area can be divided up into any combination of panel layoutswith each panel configured to show a particular graph type.

Multibet – Dutching, Bookmaking &Conditional Betting

The Multibet Tool allows for a range of strategies, be it across a whole field for Bookmaking or
only a portion of it for Dutching. Bets can be queued up so that they may be placed at a particular
time, spread across an interval or set to wait until a price condition has been met. Not only that
but the bets can be managed so that the total liability or profit is fixed, or a minimum stake is
applied while still keeping an even return.

In­Play Interface

AGT Pro includes an In­Play Interface that displays the ongoing action for a race in a graphical
form where each runner’s current price is represented as a marker on a number line. Viewing all
the runners in this way gives an overall perspective on the relative performance of each
according to how their prices vary over time. Placing bets into the market is then a simple matter
of clicking on the number line relative to the current marker position. As is the usual policy, this
view can be configured in a variety of ways to suit your taste.