Description of Maria Lay staking plan

Maria Lay system is one of the most talked Betfair secrets because a mistress called Maria turned £3,000 into £100,000 in less than a year using her staking plan.

In 2005 she opened a thread on a popular betting forum to report her daily progress. Unfortunately, this lady did not tell the exact that she used to choose the horses to lay. She told that her father had ‘connections’ in the horse racing industry and she can get inside information.

Strike rate of her bets over the period of less than a year was 85% with average lay odds of 7.00. If the strike rate of her bets would be below 75% she would have had heavy loss instead.

The idea of her staking plan actually is very simple: you have to lay different sums, how much do you lay depends on the size of your bank and on the odds of the selection. Yo have tochange your stakes if you make profit or lose money. This staking plan is very flexible and that could be the reason why it is working.

Rule #1 – Lay different sums based on the current odds.

Let’s look at example with a bank of 1000 points:

  • Odds below 3.5: lay with 1% of trading bank – lay 10 points, your liability will be under 25 points;
  • Odds from 3.5 to 7.4: lay with 0.6% of trading bank – lay 6 points, your liability will be from 15 to 38.4 points;
  • Odds from 7.5 to 11: lay with 0.4% of bank – lay 4 points, your liability will be from 26 to 40 points;
  • Do not make a bet if odds are greater than 11.

Rule #2 – If you make some profit, the stakes are increased accordingly daily, depending of the growth of you trading bank.

For example, if after first day of using this staking and betting plan the betting bank has grown to € 1,100 then 1% now would be € 11 instead of € 10.

Rule #3 – If after the first day of using this staking and betting plan, your stake has been decreased, the stakes are left the same. The stakes are changed only if you have lost 35% of the highest level of you bank.

If you happen to lose this amount then the stakes are re-calculated based on the new “65% bank”

For example if your using  € 1,000 betting bank, you would keep the same stakes as with € 1,000 until your betting bank goes below € 650. At this moment you will need to re-calculate you stakes to  € 6.50, € 3.9 and € 2.6 until the bank grows up to € 1,000 again (or goes 35% lower again – to € 422.0).

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