One of the most interesting Betfair exchange Football markets is Both Teams To Score (BTTS).

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What is Both Teams to score or BTTS market?

Both Teams To Score market is actually very simple. All you need is both sides to score a goal at any time in a Football match.

Teams can score multiple goals and you do not need to worry which team will win the game or if there will be draw, each side just need to score one or more goals in the game. BTTS bet bet does not include extra time and penalties that may be played in some football games.

Once both teams have scored a goal, you have won your bet. That can happen in first 5 minutes of the game or in the last second of football match.

Both Teams To Score Betfair trading strategies

Now, that we know what Both Teams To Score market means, and what are the rules of this market, we can look at some trading strategies on Betfair exchange.

Both Teams to Score YES with correct score cover

The most popular BTTS trading strategy on Betfair is Both Teams To Score with correct score cover. Some may say, that covering results is lowering your potential profit, but we are looking for a safe bet here.

How this strategy is played:

We are looking to back Yes option in Both Teams To Score market and 2-4 Correct scores to cover losses of BTTS market, if only one team scores or there is a bore draw of 0-0.

Example of this strategy:

  • Back bet on BTTS market for € 100,00
  • Dutch back bets on  the most likely correct scores, for example 1-0, 2-0, 0-1. (to calculate the sums of those cover bets you can use manual Dutching Calculator or Traderline software, which has build-in dutching calculator)
BTTS with CS cover trading

Correct score grid visualization for this strategy

germany serbia btts trading strategy

Odds and stakes for bets

To make clear on which score we are winning and on which loosing, I have made a correct score visualization with BetPractice ScoreGrid software.

As you can see in the image above, the dangerous scores in this strategy are 0-0, 3 or more goals by favorite and 2 or more goals by underdog. Every other score yields us a profit of 48.86 minus commissions.

If the both teams score a goal at anytime of the match, you are then guaranteed a 37% ROI from this trade. If the underdog scores an early goal, then odds on BTTS market will drop significantly and you can close the trade then for about 20% ROI from the trade.

Both Teams to Score YES with correct score cover and a little twist

You can also add a little twist to this both teams to score by adding a small bet to some of scores that are included to BTTS bet. Basically, you are covering the Corect Score Cover with another CS bet.

both teams to score with CS cover

Correct score grid visualization for this strategy

If there is a strong favorite in the match in which you expect both teams to score, then it is quite possible that the game will end with 3-1. Or if the teams have similar odds to win, then you can do a back bet on 2-2.

As the 3-1 and 2-2 odds are usually between 15-20, you can place a small 4-5 euro bet on the most realistic scoreline.

Even if the game will go 2-1 or 1-1, you will have another scoreline alive to save the money that you placed on 1-0, 2-0, 0-1. You do not necessary need to wait for game to end on that scoreline, instead, you can even the money on all scorelines.

Dutching Both Teams To Score YES market with Correct Score Cover

If you are looking for more safe and straight forward BTTS Yes trading strategy, then you can dutch-bet the Both Teams To Score market with Correct Score market.

When you do dutching, you will get even result across all the scores. If the bet lands, you get your winning, but if it is lost, you loose all your stake.

dutching both teams to score

Correct score grid for a dutch bet on BTTS and CS markets

I am using OddsChecker Dutching calculator to calculate how much money I need to bet on each market. This is really useful tool for new Betfair trading strategy creation.

dutching calculator example btts

Dutching calculator example

So, as you see in the images above, our profit for this Dutch bet would be 24.70 from 100 euro stake. That is 25% ROI, if the bet lands. And it looks quite safe, as the danger scores are quite unrealistic.

Again, as we are using Betfair exchange, we can close our trade at any moment. For example, if the favorite scores an early goal, then BTTS odds will drop, but CS odds will stay about the same, so we can close the trade with profit at that point. If the underdog scores early, then BTTS odds will drop significantly and they will cover the CS market loss and we will make some profit again.

BTTS No with CS cover trading strategy

If we are looking for some Both Teams To Score no Betfair trading strategies, then the most popular strategy here is BTTS with cover bets on Correct Score market. Here we are looking to trade a football match where we expect only one team to score a goal or many goals. So, usually this strategy will be applicable to games, where one of the team is considered as strong favorite with good defensive statistics.

How this strategy is played:

We are looking to back NO option in Both Teams To Score market and 2-4 Correct scores to cover losses if BTTS market lets us down.

Example of this strategy:

  • Back bet on NO in BTTS market for € 100,00
  • Dutch back bets on  the most likely correct scores, for example 1-1, 2-1, 3-1.
btts no trading strategy

Correct score grid example of BTTS No trading strategy

both teams to score no

Stakes to implement this strategy

In the image above you can see that we will make 53.44 euro profit, if football game will end if 0-0 or only one team scoring a goal. If the score will be 1-1, 2-1 or 3-1 we then we are safe as those correct scores are covered. Any other scoreline will give us a loss of 136.56 euro.

This strategy on given game would yield us a ROI of 39%, which is quite high. And all the danger scores are quite far away from happening, which means, that we can close the trade early, for example, after a goalless first half.

Backing BTTS YES late in the game

Another Both Teams To Score strategy that you can use while trading on Betfair is backing BTTS late in the game.

There are two scenarios, in which it is valuable to think about making this bet.

The first scenario is when a pre-match favorite is 0-1 down late in the game. It is logical, that he favorite team will do everything in they power to score a goal. But Betfair markets will offer you a very favorable odds on this bet. At 80 minutes of regular time the odds should be at around 1.30 or less on BTTS No, and at this time we should look to lay those odds.

If the favorite scores a goal the bet is landed! If no, then we are looking at a small loss. And favorites scores more often than not in the last minutes if they are a goal down.

The second scenario, where we are looking to lay BTTS No, is when a favorite has comfortable lead, for example 3-0. It is logical, that the favorite team will play more relaxed football late in the game with a lead like this. So the underdog will have more chances to score. And we will be able to lay BTTS No at odds 1.2 or lower at 80 minute mark. This gives us an opportunity to make a good value bet, if we spot a game where favorite team is already celebrating a victory.

Summary on BTTS trading on Betfair

As you can see, there is quite a lot of trading strategies that can be implemented on Both Teams To Score market. Some of them are implemented pre-match and then adjusted in-play and some are implemented only when the football game is played.