What is Dogecoin (DOGE)? Dogecoin (DOGE) is an open-source digital currency created by Billy Markus from Portland, Oregon and Jackson Palmer from Sydney, Australia. It forked from $LTC in December 2013 with the original aim of satirizing the growth of altcoins.

Dogecoin’s name comes from a popular internet meme featuring a Shiba Inu dog. The coin gained popularity and value during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020-2021, where it became popular following mentions on social media by a number of high-profile individuals such as Tesla founder Elon Musk.

DOGE price for past 6 months


Open 100 000$ free DEMO account on eToro

$DOGE, like other cryptocurrencies, can be traded in two ways on eToro. You can either purchase the actual tokens and trade them on eToro (BUY with X1 leverage), or you can trade derivatives based on the underlying cryptocurrency price. Depending on local regulations in your country of residence, you can do one or both on the eToro platform.

Go to the $DOGE page by typing in DOGE in the search box at the top of the page.

Click on the “Trade” button. – Choose whether to BUY (go long) or SELL (go short) the stock. Clicking on “BUY” means you expect the value of DOGE to increase. Clicking on “SELL” means you expect DOGE’s value to decrease. Depending on local regulations in your country of residence, you can do one or both on the eToro platform.

Insert your preferred leverage, and Stop Loss and Take Profit points *where applicable*.

**Important reminder: Long (BUY), non-leveraged crypto positions incur no overnight/over weekend charges on eToro.

Click on the “Open Trade” button.


You can trade DOGE on eToro without worrying about unexpected or hidden fees. eToro fees are straightforward and easy to understand.

When using the platform, all spreads are applied “round-trip,” meaning you are charged this percentage when you open the position, but the spread/fee is adjusted when you close the position.

Open 100 000$ free DEMO account on eToro


Withdrawing cryptocurrencies from the eToro platform to the eToro Money wallet is a process called ‘transfer’. Currently, it is NOT possible to transfer DOGE from our platform to the eToro money wallet.

If you wish to withdraw your DOGE, you may close the relevant positions and withdraw your funds from your account at any time! Funds are withdrawn using the same method, and sent to the same account, as previously used for your deposit. More on the process here:

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