Finding a way to bet in a smarter way is a big deal for a lot of people, especially if they are tired of losing money to the bookies. Many people who are tired of loosing money to online bookmakers, finds the smarter way to bet – sports trading. Sports trading is “advanced way of betting” and you have much more control of your money, you can use endless trading strategies and build a winning trading portfolio in the long run.

In this article, we will be reviewing the Caan Berry Pre-Race Trading Guide, Caan Berry Video Pack Course, and Caan Berry Tennis Trading Guide.

There are several ways of trying to increase your chances of getting money. One of those ways is to look at what Caan Berry is offering.

This Betfair trading expert has several different products for you to look at. The first one is a pre-race trading guide. The other is a video pack course, and the third one is a tennis trading guide.

In this review, we will be looking at all of them and see if one or all of the products will help you boost your chances of winning.

Who is Caan Berry?

Unlike most people in the “make money online” market, Caan Berry has no financial background whatsoever. He started out by selling hamburgers and then he decided to join the British army. He decided to leave the military after his fiancee became pregnant and decided to make money without working for anyone but himself.

Since he loved horse racing, he decided to learn how to make money by betting on horses. He started betting using Betfair and through trial and error, as well as reading betting blogs, he managed to become very Successful. He claims that if you follow his advice and avoid the mistakes he went through at the start of his journey, you can also get to earn a sustainable income.

Betfair has verified that Caan Berry earns more than £100,000 every year.

He started trading in 2009 but is still trading since he continually updates his blogs and videos in his courses. He also actively responds to questions with extra information which is an excellent sign that he is very engaged with his clients.

What Strategies does he teach?

The strategies used by Caan Berry are based on the Betfair sports trading market, which means that his approach will help you constantly minimize losses and maximize profits.

Caan Berry’s website covers all types of sports betting. Football, Tennis, Horse racing are all covered in the site. He includes scalp trades, in-play trading and Betfair swing trading as well.

This means that Caan Berry takes a somewhat different strategy in what he talks about. Each of these strategies is covered in detail on his website.

How much money do you need to start trading on Betfair?

One of the best things about sports trading is that you don’t need a lot of money to start with. And unlike other forms of betting, you don’t have to wait to claim your profits.

You will be instead, minimizing losses and maximizing profits from the very beginning. This means that you will start with a little amount of money and then start growing your profits regularly.

The Caan Berry’s website mentions that £200 is a reasonably good amount to start with although the amount you choose to start with is entirely up to you.

The Beginners course on the website will cover this kind of topics.

How much money can you make with sports trading?

The key to Caan Berry’s sports trading strategies is to profit consistently. This means that you will be picking up small but steady wins daily. Even moderate wins will build up your gains after a while.

The goal is not to win a fortune in one bet even though sometimes you might get huge wins.

The goal is to take a safe and gradual approach. You are taking a steady strategy of earning money. You’ll not be gambling with your own money.

What you will get in the Pre-Race Trading Guide

The Pre-Race trading guide comes with a 180-page PDF book as well as a bonus video for just £39. The guide can be viewed on PCs and mobile phones. You will also get lifetime access to any later updates.

The guide also comes with an audio transcription of the video content.

This trading guide is generally very beneficial for beginners that explains everything clearly.

You won’t be confused with the information, and it’s enough to get you started with no trouble.

A lot of the essential topics will be covered here. Once you’re done with the guide, you will be ready to place your first bets with confidence.

This guide is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to know the basics of sports trading.

If you already know the basics, then this guide will look too easy and will not cover the more advanced topics. You will have to consider your experience level before buying this guide.

video pack review caan berryWhat you will get in the Video Pack

This Video Pack is a more high-level and broad choice than the pre-racing trading guide or the tennis guide. The video contains 23 modules with 102 videos.
These videos can also be watched on PC or phones and tablets. They come with audio descriptions as well. You will even get 11 PDF checklists with the course. The entire guide will cost you £147.

The massive size of the content makes it look very challenging to finish. The guide is made to be watched from time to time instead of watching the whole content at once. The videos are surprisingly very entertaining to watch. The video pack is made for all levels of experience and will increase your understanding of trading.

tennis trading review caan berry

What you will get in the Tennis Trading Guide

The Tennis Trading guide comes with a PDF book a well as a bonus video for just £39. Just like the other product, the video can be watched on both PCs and mobile phones and will also include a lifetime membership for future updates.
This is an excellent guide for anyone who doesn’t know anything about tennis trading. All the essential tennis trading strategies are discussed in great detail.

This guide will be beneficial for you if you are new to tennis training and want to know how to make winning trades. It is however not very helpful if you already know the basics.


The Caan Berry website provides different ways of making money in the sports trading. The guide that you’ll choose will depend on your experience level. With any these guides, you will be able to make a decent amount of profits in the long term if you stick to the guides and use good trading bank management.