CapitalRise is a prime property development investment platform, which offers investment opportunities secured against prime property assets, with potential returns of over 7%. Every opportunity featured on the platform is subjected to rigorous due diligence, performed by team of property professionals, who have many years of property and finance experience between them. Company co-founders also bring expertise in prime property development and FinTech. To show their confidence in the quality of opportunity company offer, they invest their own capital alongside CapitalRise members in every single investment.

Since inception in July 2016, CapitalRise has returned more than £15 million to investors with an average return of 10% p.a and loan book has no losses or defaults to date. Minimum investment is £1000 and UK residents can earn tax-free returns on up to £20,000 a year using their ISA allowance to invest with via our Innovative Finance ISA. Customers can sign and invest online within five minutes and there are no fees to invest. Offer is available now only for investors from UK.

What is important to know about CapitalRise:

capitalrise investments

  • Customers can sign up and invest in 5 minutes.
  • Full transparency so investors have the information required to make decisions for themselves.
  • No fees to invest. Potential returns of over 7%.
  • Minimum Investment only £1,000.
  • Resale market – members can put their investments up for sale on our bulletin board should they wish to exit an investment early.
  • The loans members invest in are legally secured against prime property assets.
  • Live chat – We believe in the personal touch and are available online as well as over the phone.
  • Our founders invest their own personal funds in every project.

CapitalRise will be always pleased to welcome investors to meet us in person in our central London office.

Watch video about CapitalRise investment platform:

About CapitalRise from CapitalRise on Vimeo.

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