New project launched at Crowdestor P2P platform – Renovation of eclecticism style building (II)


The current investment opportunity offers CROWDESTOR investors to make a secured loan to Developer of project Artileria Aprartments. Funds will be used to proceed reconstruction of two historical eclecticism style buildings built in 1900, in Artilerijas street 26, Riga.

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Max. target: EUR 240 000,00

Min. target: EUR 200 000,00

Loan term: 3 months.

Interest rate: 14 % per annum.

Interest payments: paid quarterly

Loan repayment: In full at the end of the Loan Term.

Crowdestor BuyBack fund: Yes

About Crowdestor

Crowdestor is real estate investing platform, which gives everyone the opportunity to invest directly in real estate and business projects without middlemen and hidden conditions or costs. With Crowdestor you can start investing from 100 euro with an annual interest rate starting from 12%.

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Visit Crowdestor website  and start investing in real estate from 100 EUR!

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