First off their is no such thing as a free trial to a drop shipping company.

In the world of drop shipping their are 3 options.
1. Free!


3.One time payment to access suppliers/ drop ship directories.

Real drop shippers do not have monthly fees! Never have never will.

Here’s how their newest trick works. As a consumer trying to get started looking for supplier options you start using the search engines and you see a nice little pay per click ad saying “Free trial ” so you as the consumer decide to give it a try. Why not it’s free huh?  Unfortunately for you most of these companies are not legitimate, or they are middle men as a real supplier would never charge you a fee in the first place, so they will charge your credit card after the so called free trial ends regardless of you trying to cancel.

In our last post we touched briefly on this by saying:

“The worst is the so called drop shipping companies that promise a free trial but in order to access it you must give them a credit card first. Once these guys have your card number they will charge you no matter how soon you cancel. I have seen people lose thousands, and once you pay their is no way to get your money back. Even if you do a charge back with your credit card provider it can still take months and their is no guarantee.”
It seems this so called free trial scam is still going, and growing daily so we have decided to create a checklist on how to avoid these things for our readers!

A few things to take note of when deciding who to get involved with a drop shipping company online.
1. Do they need your credit card before their so called free trial starts. This is an instant red flag if it’s free why should you give them a credit card number?

2. Do they use a professional payment processor? This is very important you do not want to give your credit card information to anyone unless they use Pay Pal, or Google checkout. If you do you are risking losing more than you know. We have spoke with countless people who have lost 100’s and even 1000’s of dollars to stolen credit card numbers. Because if they are not using a trusted payment processor odds are you just gave your credit card info to some 16 yr old sitting at a cubicle in Fla who is now off to enjoy the night! Always use a trusted payment solution, If a company does not have  does not have a trusted payment processor their is a reason why.

3. Read  drop shipping reviews, and make sure they are real reviews and not affiliate links (see posts below)

4. Real drop shippers do not have monthly fees only middlemen ! So what are you wasting you time for anyways you can never truly make a profit with a middleman!!

5.  To summarize this real drop shipping companies do not have fees, and their are 1000s of real suppliers online that you can make a great profit with! You can save yourself a ton of time, and trouble by signing up with a real drop shipping community like The Power Sellers Union or World Wide Brands where you will have access to 1000’s of real free suppliers!

While both of these communities do have  a small one time fee, their advantages are tremendous, the suppliers are pre screened, and you will not have to worry about sifting through 1000’s of scammers to finally find one good supplier!