A while back one of our readers sent me an email and we had a very nice phone conversation as well about multiple sites and scams. Our main priority is drop shipping reviews, and online internet service providers however it seems a few of them are setting up multiple drop ship sites in order to cross refer the people they have already scammed. Here’s the basics of how it works. The consumer which is you signs up for one of these fake dropshipping companies and you figure out hey I can’t make any money here so you cancel your subscription to dropshipping company #1. Then a couple days later you receive a phone call, or an email from a “different” dropshipping company.

The new company tells you everything you want to hear, you check out their website and sign up with them. What you don’t know is the second company is actually the exact same company you left in the first place, and they are just going under a different website. So now you have been scammed by the exact same place twice.

“These multiple dropship schemes are more than a problem they’re an epidemic that is set on trying to destroy any chances of an average person making it in the world of ecommerce.” Says Pete furlong internet security specialist. “People are being suckered into these schemes left and right thinking they are getting a great deal without even checking for a drop shipping review. The worst is the so called dropshipping companies that promise a free trial but in order to access it you must give them a credit card first. Once these guys have your card number they will charge you no matter how soon you cancel. I have seen people lose thousands and once you pay their is no way to get your money back. Even if you do a charge back with your credit card provider it can still take months and their is no guarantee.”

If you think dropshipping is bad they are also branching out to different sectors of ecommerce like website design. Harold smith of ecommerce website design (which we highly recommend) states. ” I have seen people pay up to $6000.00 for an ecommerce website to some of these companies and we build the exact same ones for our clients daily for $350.00. An ecommerce website is easy to build . These companies have these people believing that this is the norm and it is far from it.” To top off the $6000.00 website that they just suckered some poor soul out of then they charge $20-30 dollars a month to have the website hosted which is absurd. Hosting at the most should be about six to twelve dollars a month.”

People who don’t check for drop shipping reviews or check to find out about a companies reputation are being cheated and scammed out of their hard earned money everyday and it is just not fair. That is why we have decided to offer more than drop shipping reviews and we are also going to branch out into other parts of ecommerce.

Their comes a time when enough is enough ecommerce is a great venture that can help people to change their lives and it should be positive, and not on the course that it is on today. When a person who is wanting to better them self by starting a business to help their family can not do so because of some crooks and thieves their is a huge problem. These people don’t deserve to get cheated and tricked out of their money .

Things to look for when choosing from dropshipping companies or ecommerce providerers.

1.The age of the company. What some companies will do is sign up with the Better business bureau but when they fill out the application they will tell the better business bureau that they have been in business for 5-10 years. Usually you can remedy this by doing a Who is and checking the age of their website. 99% of online companies that offer you a directory, a website, or any type of online business are as old as their website. Use common sense as well and think about it . How is a website that only offers online services going to be in business without a website ?

2. The copy right on the website. If the website says copyright 1999 but the site was put online in 2008 it is a fraud. Some fake companies put an older copy right on their website to make it look more distinguished.

3. The location. If you just lost $500.00 to a scammer from Nashville Tennessee. Don’t buy anything else from any other providers in that area. Odds are they are all tied in to the exact same circle of scammers.

4. Compare prices. When you go shopping for a new car or house you don’t just go buy the first one you see without comparing prices, warranty, mileage ect . Well it is the exact same thing when starting a business. Look at what everyone has to offer because believe me when it comes to the internet the highest never means the best.

5. Common sense. Although I hate to say this 90% of all scams can be stopped by simply taking the time to investigate the company and having a little bit of common sense. Research everything before you buy it and in the long run you will be better off. Always remember this if you don’t know something ask. Their are plenty of free ways to do research on any type of subject online. One of my favorite things to do is to go to a forum and post questions. I learned more at Dani web forum in 3 months than any place could ever “teach” me but only because I took the time to ask .

In closing if you can’t find your answer in any forum send us an email and we will try to help. More drop shipping reviews to come.