April 30th was my last day of working in paid job. I’m pretty sure that I won’t have to look at job advertisements and go to job interviews anymore in my life. I’m laughing that I’m retiring! Why? Because retired people can finally do what they like best. But I think that at age of 70 I wont be able to do the same things as in my 28! That is why I started creating my passive income sources a few years ago. Financial freedom does not come by itself – you will have to work hard to get it. But it is totally worth it.

It’s been a month already and I am trully happy about my decision to leave my day job and work on my projects full time. Finally I can manage my work, leisure and sleep as I like. So I have been working late and waking up late too. I have noticed that I am much more productive in evenings.

What is financial freedom?

Financial freedom is when your passive income is high enough to cover your monthly expenses. Being financially free allows you to spend precious time doing what you love instead of exchanging time for money for someone else’s business.

I would like to assume that I have already fulfilled the minimum of the material side of adult life – I have provided myself with a home, a car, all the necessary things for everyday life and hobbies.

cornhole game metamais

One of my small business is producing a cornhole sets

How did I manage to become financially free?

I worked hard on my online businesses in my free time! If you have read some articles in this website, you will definitely notice that from time to time I come up with a new business idea. My ideas usually turn into small businesses very quickly. Some of them are also quite successful and have tons of potential in the future.

Mostly I earn all my income from my websites: discoverlatvia.eu, smaidafabrika.lv, epelna.com, onlinemoneyspy.com, rolands.work, metamais.lv, diskugolfatrenini.lv etc. In total, I manage 10+ websites, and each of them brings in a small amount of money each month, but together they provide me good monthly income.

I created my first website 10 years ago, so I can’t say it has been quick and easy road. For the first five years, I had no specific goal at all, and I did it only because I liked it. After these five years, I realized the potential of my projects and started working much more seriously on them. Since then, everything has gone up!

Do you know what is best? That the potential income of my projects has no limits! Continuing what I started, my income can reach up to 10 – 100 + thousands per month. It’s not a fantasy, because others have already done it. Why couldn’t I reach the same heights?

What will I do now?

What I like!

And I really enjoy working on my projects.

Improving the quality of existing projects is priority in the to-do list. This has always hurt my heart, because when working in paid work, I was paying limited attention to my projects and it  reflected in the quality of content. Some projects are still running on the first versions of websites, which will change now for sure.

Of course, I am also thinking of realizing new ideas. One idea is to create a new digital marketing product, while the other is to make a physical product. You will definitely hear about both of these ideas in details in coming articles.

I have so many ideas and motivation right now that I don’t really know where to start. It should always start with a good sit-down. It is necessary to create a list of priorities and to plan how to do all the known bullet-points as quickly and efficiently as possible, so that new ideas can be implemented as soon as possible.

Of course, now I will have more time to devote to my hobbies. Working on my projects full time will give me freedom in evenings. So I will be able to do more of my hobbies  – riding a BMX, playing disc golf, running and doing street workouts. By the way, disc golf is a great way to escape from everyday problems and spend time outdoors with friends. I also happy for my friends  working on their side hustles – they just opened a new disc golf shop www.par3.lv.

disc golf

What can you do today to start your journey to financial freedom?

There are too many ways to do this, so I don’t have exact answer for you! For example, one of my businesses is a teeth whitening store smaidafabrika.lv. I am not a dentist, I am not interested in cosmetic procedures either. I just noticed a free niche, found quality product suppliers, set up an online store and started running paid ads. Business ready! Okay, it’s not that simple. I wanted to say, that you have to look for opportunities and if you spot one, don’t wait – take action!

For example, this website is full of business ideas! Spend one evening reading onlinemoneyspy.com, getting acquainted with business ideas and I’m sure something will start to move in your head, realizing how many opportunities there are to make money online and offline.

The most important thing is to start doing something today. Get excited, read, search Google, Forums, and more. You can’t even win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket, so start doing something to see the results soon.