Many people think that you can earn heaps of $$$ from Adsense which is some ways true, but there is a big catch to this.

Firstly it takes alot of time and work to be able to generate a good income from adsense, so if you think that it is easy and just a case of setting up one site and that is it then think again!

When you set up a website specifically to generate income from adsense you may only make $1 per month at first and get disappointed. In a few months time you may be making $2 per month from the same site and then really start to think that it is not possible.

However, it is possible to earn good money from adsense. Here is the basic idea on how to do it.

You earn $2 per month from your first adsense site.
Now do another 100 of those sites.
100 sites x $2 per month = $200
Now do another 100 sites
200 new sites x $2 per month = $400

Keep going like this and after a while you will have say 1000 sites
1000 sites x $2 per month = $2000

The key is to find something that will make money then duplicate it.

However, it is important to know that you should only see adsense as supplemental income and not your main revenue stream. Which is why this site is looking at different ways to earn money on the net!