Lately I have been very busy with various new projects and one of them is HNT or Helium cryptocurrency mining.

I knew about this cryptocurrency a long time ago, and I also knew that it was possible to mine it with Helium hotspots. After learning about it, I wanted to order my Hotspot, but after researching the available devices and asking for feedback from experts, I realized that for a new mainer will have to wait at least 4-6 months, so I abandoned this idea.

It is now possible to order new Panther X2, Sensecap, Finestra and Heltec Helium miners from the store (in stock)! Usually you have to wait ~ 3 months to get a mainer, so this is a great opportunity to get to your money making machine. I am already waiting for the delivery of my Panther X2!

When I found out about this cryptocurrency, it was priced at ~ $ 12 a coin, but few months ago the price of HNT was $ 55 – almost a fivefold increase in just six months. Of course, again, it’s a bit of a pitty that I didn’t buy the Helium miner earlier or bought and held the cryptocurrency in my wallet. It happens all the time!

Helium is probably one of the most meaningful cryptocurrency projects of all time, as it has physical things uder the hood – the Hotspots that make up the LoRaWAN network, which in turn is used for the Internet of Things. This network is already used by many large companies to ensure secure and fast data transfer between devices.

There are now more than 700,000 Helium Hotspots around the world that compete and compete with each other to get more HNT cryptocurrency.

The best income will be granted for those with the best Hotspot locations and the best miner setups. The best places are the ones that are high (like towers), they have nothing in front, there are many other hotspots around, but none of them is closer than 300 meters. There are currently available hotspots from almost 20 manufacturers that can be connected to the Helium network. In addition, it is important to choose the appropriate antenna and cable for your location that will not lose signal and provide the best coverage.

Helium hotspots are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The best results will be achieved if the antenna is located outdoors, as the window glass and other obstacles will block radio waves.

The most popular miners at the moment are RAK V2 miner, Sensecap M1, Nebra miner, Bobcat miner, Linxdot miner, MNTD. miner. However, if you search for one of these on the Internet, you will realize that you will not be able to buy them anywhere on the spot. You will have to stand in a long queue and wait at least two months to get to your device and start mining the Helium cryptocurrency. All of these mainers cost from $ 400 to $ 600, depending on the configuration.

Mainers also have a secondary market where the miners are sold at double the price. When you buy a new car and leave the showroom, you immediately lose a quarter of its value, then with HNT miners it is quite the opposite – by receiving your long-awaited mainer, you have already made a profit.

Some people make money from this cryptocurrency project only this way – they order miners for $ 450 a piece and then sell them for 1,000 euros. Of course, this will not be possible forever, as there are many manufacturers of Hotspots and large portion of people have already received their machines. It is expected that good places to place Helium hotspots will soon run out, and then the demand for these devices will definitely decrease. Accordingly, the more Hotspots, the lower the average rewards.

Below you can see a map showing all Helium Hotspots in Riga (Latvia). Did you have the slightest idea that something like this was happening in Riga? I am pretty sure that you city looks the same!

You can view the map with all Helium hotspots, their profits, etc. interesting information here –

So I got my first Helium Hotspot mainer from aftermarket for 900 euros I bought a Sensecap M1 hotspot, with custom 5 DBI antenna and a 5m long cable. At the moment, I have placed it on my balcony, inserted the antenna into the PVC tube and attached it to the balcony railing with a cable rod. But I’ve already booked a place on the roof of a tall building, in a great location where there are no other mainers nearby.

It is now possible to order new Panther X2, Sensecap, Finestra and Heltec Helium miners from the store (in stock)! Usually you have to wait ~ 3 months to get a mainer, so this is a great opportunity to get to your money making machine. I am already waiting for the delivery of my Panther X2!

At the moment I am in HEX with six other hotspot miners and 4 of them are within a 300m radius of me, so I am aware that the results will not be brilliant and of course they are not. In addition, I have connected my mainer to WiFi, which sometimes do crash during a ZOOM meeting.

I have already ordered my 4g LTE internet so that it can be connected to the miner. By installing it in the new location, I hope to receive good rewards and get a 100% ROI in 5 months.

How much can you earn with Helium change in Latvia?

I am pretty sure that the TV tower, which also has HNT mainer, is the best location for the mainer. At the current HNT price, which is currently around $ 23, this miner has earned $ 550 or 23 HNT in the last 30 days.

Miners who are not placed in exclusive locations have a good profit of around 0.25-0.30 HNT per day, which will bring in about 8-10 HNT or $200 per month.

In my opinion, if you or your acquaintances live on higher floors, or if you have access to some high places, or you just want to play with a cryptocurrency mining, it is still worth getting to your Helium hotspot.

Order a hotspot, wait two, three months, plug it in and after few (or not so few) months you will make a passive income – it’s that easy. If not, resell your device and earn money. HNT’s price is currently relatively low and is projected to reach as high as $ 100 in 2022, making it even more attractive.

Of course, you can always buy HNT cryptocurrency and expect its price to increase. I buy cryptocurrency Binance.

How am I doing with HNT mining after one month?

I earned $ 114.38 in 22 days when the miner was running.

Given that there are still 8 days in this chart when I didn’t earn anything, I’m very happy with the work of my helium miner.

Why didn’t I earn anything in a few days? At first I ordered a new, more powerful antenna, then one day I was driving around Riga looking for the right adapter so that everything could be connected together.

Then for two more days I waited for Monday to come to the roof of the office building to install my antenna and miner. Monday came, I went to the roof and set everything up nicely. After a few hours, the money started to fall out of the air! Quite literally, because here you are getting paid for transmitting radio weaves.

Putting the miner high on the roof so that nothing interferes with the transmission of the signal.

Helium mining has got me very bad! I am familiar with all available miners (almost), understand which antenna to choose, why it is necessary to put the antenna cable as short as possible, why not use more than one connector, etc.

And, I can’t deny that I’ve ordered four more Helium hotspots. Haha!

Thats right, four more Helium hotspots are on their way and they will be on roofs as early as March. I have already ordered antennas and cables from HeliumHotShop. I can not wait to install all five devices and see my income from the Helium mining increase fivefold.

I am quite sure that I will be able to increase my income fivefold, because I have very good places to install antennas (thanks to my last job).

I have also introduced some of my friends with this money making and one of them has also bought a Helium miner. Together we installed it 35 km from Riga on the roof of the house and now we are waiting for the HNT money to start rolling in the account.


By the way, there are several places where anyone can get to their helium miner relatively quickly. is a great store where you can buy everything you need for Helium mining. Keep an eye on this page, because every now and then hotspots appear there, which are shipped the next day. Powerful Panther X2 mains are now available!

Update # 3 April

I have completed my minimum plan – to install 5 Helium mainers on the roofs of 5 industrial buildings in Riga. It was not easy, but the work is done.

I have also met my goal of earning 1 HNT a day. I have only managed this for one day so far, but I hope that it will soon be everyday.

That day I earned 1.1 HNT, which was just over $ 25. The average profit is currently around $ 17, which is about 15 euros.

Currently, the Helium network is very unstable and unpredictable. One day you can earn very well, but the next relatively badly. This situation is expected to change on May 3, when LIGHT hotspots will be introduced. All existing hotspots will have a new update, after which they will not need to keep information about Blockchain. This update is necessary because the rapid growth in the number of hotspots makes it difficult to provide resources to keep the network running smoothly. After this update, hotspots will spend much less data and the network should become stable and predictable.

It is now possible to order new Panther X2, Sensecap, Finestra and Heltec Helium miners from the store (in stock)! Usually you have to wait ~ 3 months to get a mainer, so this is a great opportunity to get to your money making machine. I am already waiting for the delivery of my Panther X2!

Once I have anticipated this update, I will either increase my Hotspot fleet or leave the existing five.

I have installed my Lora network antennas on tall industrial buildings. Here are some pictures:


When I received the last three hotspots, I connected them all to sync at home.


To earn extra money, I have purchased the necessary tools and learned how to make coaxial cables that connect the antennas to the Helium hotspots. At first, the idea was to make them only for my own needs, but then I noticed that there is a demand to make them for others as well.

My review of Sensecap M1 Helium miner

I have tested Helium miners of three manufacturers and Sensecap has been the most unrelable of them. In the first month using it, I had to go to restart it manually every week for it to run smoothly. Because of this I equipped all my miners with smart Wi-Fi sockets, to have ability to restart them remotely.

Sensecap miners has the best dashboard. You can connect to it anytime and see things like block height, temperature, SD usage and other things.

Earning wise my Sensecap has been quite good in the first and a half month. But after the network became unstable, the earnings have dropped significantly. Hopefully they will be back at 5-6 HNT per month after light hotspot update.

My review of Panther X2 Helium miner

Panther X2 Helium miner has been a rockstar for me reliabilty-wise. It is truly a plug-and-play miner. I have not had any problems with it. I connected it to the internet and it started mining HNT and have not stopped for a day since then.

I really recommend Panther X2 miners!

It has mined a bit above 4 HNT a month on average, but there are no days without earnings, like it is with my Sensecap M1 miner. Also it was not really affected by Network unstability and it just kept bringing money in everyday.

My review of Browan MerryIot Helium miner

I have three Browan MerryIot miners and they have been doing their job great. I had to manually rebuild the blocks for one of my miners after update, but otherwise they are doing good.

I have using Browan miners for less than a month. All of them have mined more than 3 HNT in this time. Monthly average between them should be around 4.5 HNT, which is totally acceptable number to me.

My 30 day and daily mining rewards

Here are my totals from 5 miners. My goal was to mine 1 HNT a day and I have reached this goal only two days since all my 5 miners are working. But 21 HNT in the last 30 days is not so bad either. The average HNT earnings per day now is 0.71 HNT and I still have some 0.3 HNT days in the calculation. And after light hotspot update I hope to reach my goal and make 1 HNT daily.

I wish you great rewards!