In every article you read about “How to make money online”, you will definitely find a section – create your own blog. I wholeheartedly agree that creating your own blog or some other kind of internet resource is one of the TOP ways to make money online. In this article, I will tell you in how many different ways I have made money from my websites.

Let’s look at four websites –,, and and the different ways each of these websites has brought me money.

In what ways have I made money with the website? is definitely my most successful internet business project to date. I have earned tens of thousands of euros with this website and it brings me good money every month. So in what ways have I made money online with this website?

  1. Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is my TOP1 favorite way to make money. To make money with affiliate marketing, you need to get your unique link from the affiliate, who will then track all visitor activity on the affiliate’s website. If the person you recommend makes a purchase on the partner’s website, then you will be paid a commission. The portal contains many links to partner websites in various industries – website development programs, casinos / bookmakers, peer-to-peer investment platforms, stock and crypto trading platforms, various profit systems, etc. Every time a visitor makes a purchase on one of these websites, I am paid a commission from that partner.
  2. Google AdSense. Google AdSense is a Google Display Network that offers any website owner to place ads on their own website. Previously, I wrote an article “How to make 1000€ a month from Google AdSense“, in which you can post how much I have earned from this platform in the last four years. This is a great way to earn a passive income from your website, because all you have to do is place the AdSense code line in your website. You will then receive a fee for each click on the Google ads displayed on your website.
  3. Selling paid posts. One of last year’s TOP sources of revenue for has been the sale of paid posts. Did you know that other websites are willing to pay a lot of money for you to post an article on your blog with a backlink to their website? I receive from 150-300 euros for each such article, depending on the topic of the article. The best part is that I don’t advertise this in any way, but the advertisers find me themselves. They send me a well written articles, which I just have to publish on – it takes about 10 minutes. And then, I bill them for 150-300 euros. Not a bad profit for a 10 minute job, is it?

In what ways have I made money with the website? is my “How to make money online” English language project. The content of this project, of course, is a little different – mostly about dropshipping, sports trading and product reviews. In what ways have I earned with this website?

  1. Affiliate marketing. Just like on, affiliate marketing is one of the main sources of revenue for too. Most of the commissions on this website are earned from the ClickBank network, which is the largest affiliate platform for digital products. The revenue from this website is still much lower, but I am are working hard to increase the number of visitors, which will also result in higher revenue.
  2. Google AdSense. I’ve also placed an AdSense code on this website, which means I get paid every time someone clicks on my ad. The image below shows how revenue is compared on the two pages where I’ve placed the AdSense code. The income mostly depends on the number of visitors to the website, which, at present, is almost twice as large.adsense earnings
  3. Selling paid posts. I have also sold paid posts on this website. Not so much as and for not so big prices. I receive about 50 euros for publishing one post on this website. There are many more websites of this type in English, so my page is not so unique and advertisers are not willing to pay more.
  4. Selling banner space. One time I was asked if I could post a banner in my website – We agreed on a two month test, for which I received 50 euros per month. It seemed like a small profit, but it took me five minutes to place these banners.

In what ways have I earned money with the website?

  1. Dropshipping commissions from partners. is an internet business based on the dropshipping model. In this business model, I do not need my own warehouse and  I do not need to buy products. When a customer has purchased products on, then I forward this order to the product manufacturer and he delivers the product to the end customer. Commission is charged from each order, which then is my income from this online store.

In what ways have I earned money with the website?

Sale of physical products. On this website I deal with the usual buying – selling business. I buy products in bulk, at wholesale prices, from manufacturers and sell them at a premium in the online store. Unlike dropshipping, all products purchased in this store are stored in my warehouse and I also pack and send them to customers. With such a business model, it is possible to earn more, but there are also higher risks, for example, will you be able to sell all the products that you bought?

Selling paid posts. I have also sold several paid posts on the website. Some dental clinics that are looking to improve their position in the Google search engine have asked me to publish a high quality paid posts. I always say yes to high quality articles, because they are improving my SEO score too and they can bring more visitors to my website.

Final toughts

Here it is! In this article you could learn about 6 ways I have made money online with my websites: affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, selling paid posts, banner advertising, dropshipping commissions, product sales. But with these things, the list of how to make money online with your website definitely doesn’t end there. I also think of profit opportunities such as: subscription fees for content or services, sales of digital products, etc.

Do you have any ideas on how to make more money with a website? If so, please write them in the comment below this article!