This year has been really busy so far!I started year with a blast – on January 1, I launched my one-man Freelance marketing agency Yes that is domain name – my name + work.

The reason, why I came to such idea and made a website for services that I can offer to people that are looking for website design and Internet marketing services:

Internet marketing has been my passion for 8 years!

Internet marketing is so exciting! It doesn’t stop surprising, developing and changing, so I’m so excited about it!
I have been in Internet marketing niche from the time I created my first website and that was 8 years ago. Since then, I have been in it with both legs and arms. It seems that I have tried every type of Internet marketing in this time: Social Network Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, etc.

And what’s the most interesting? The fact that there is no secret sauce and no shortcuts, you have to trial and error everything here! You will have to find the perfect combination of internet marketing tools for every company, every project that you start to get the maximum return on investments from advertising on the Internet.

For years I have been creating websites and helped individuals and businesses to get new customers online. Recently, there has been no need to worry about finding new projects to work on, as the best type of advertising is a good review and reference from previous clients. If someone is happy with what I have done, he will be happy to recommend me to his friends and family.

one man marketing agency

How did I get my first freelance job?

I remember creating my first website for a client when I was in college. I placed a advertisement in biggest national classified ads portal with  a message that I am able to create websites. I got my first client on the same day – a local guest house owner called me and asked me if I can design a website for his guest house.

And the price that I was asking –  I would not even think about taking on a project for such low price now! But in that time every euro was important to me, as I was a student. I created a mediocre website for 60 euro. If I should make a website like this again, it would take me a maximum of two days, but then it took me two weeks! But the work was done and I got a payment for my first freelance project. Of course I was indescribably happy for that!

What did I do next?

Of course I did not stop there. I started to look for other projects and developed my knowledge about website design and Internet marketing further.

I started to create better websites for myself and others. But what is a website without visitors!?

In order to satisfy my customer needs, I had to learn different techniques for attracting new visitors and customers to their websites. Naturally, I had to learn Internet marketing and the wide range of  its tools – SEO, PPC, Social Network Marketing, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, etc.

I have to admit that I have gained greatest experience from my own projects – online stores (no longer exists), dropshipping online store, portal about making money online and other smaller projects.

Working on your own project has great advantages – you have full control of everything. You do not have to review and agree on the things that you are going to publish, which usually takes a lot of time. And if something is unclear, you can find help from someone who is an expert in this field. And you do not have to pay to these experts every time.

When you ask experts (people who have big experience is some Internet marketing field) specific and meaningful questions, they often will be happy to answer your questions, because by doing that they can gain a good reputation and potential new customers (you will recommend them to your friends as experts in the field).

If you have the abilities and skill set and desire to start freelancing yourself , you will definitely have to part with your spare time, but it will definitely be worth it. By the way, I manage to combine it with 9:00 – 18:00 work, sporting activities every day and also a bit ofentertainment in weekends. Of course, if I had my family, I doubt it would be possible.

So, this is a short introduction to my one-man Freelance marketing agency.You can view website here – If you have some questions, fell free to contact me!