My girlfriend and I have returned from our two-week trip. We visited 9 countries, covered 6,800 kilometers, saw plains, mountains, lakes, seas, caves, rivers, waterfalls, coliseums, ruins, a concentration camp and dozens of other places.

As you can guess, we drove these 6,800 kilometers by car. We spent about 50+ hours behind the wheel. We also spent three nights in a car, which was prepared for such events.

Our route

Along the way we also met our friend Edgars, who had decided to go from Rucava (small city in Latvia) to Rome by bicycle. When I meet him, I thought that traveling by car is not that difficult. It is definitely easier to fly to a destination and go on organized excursions than to plan your own route, places to visit and accommodation.

I wanted to write this type of article for several reasons:

To remember the different events, the route and what was seen;
To identify travel costs and possibly compare them to the cost of traveling by plane;
To share the route, visited places and costs of this type of trip with you.

We included two disc golf courses in our route, as this is my favorite hobby in last two years. We played disc golf at the Parco Lambro course in Milan, Italy, and at the Platak Disc Golf course in Croatia. In these countries, this sport is definitely not so popular as in USA or Latvia

Certainly the most interesting part for readers are the costs, which is usually either hidden or simply not counted after travel to save heartache for the money spent. So, our total spending was 2209 euros.

If we look at costs for each department, the costs were as follows:

  • Fuel costs: 580 €
  • Ferry costs: 80 €
  • Food: 600 €
  • Sightseeing tickets: 160 €
  • Accommodation: 466 €
  • Toll roads and parking: 137 €
  • Currency exchange: 66 €
  • Spent in cash: 120 €

Total spent: 2209 €

In conclusion, traveling by car is relatively expensive and a bit exhausting (I drove 500km on average) . The positive is that there is more flexibility – you can go where and when you want and see much more.

As I mentioned, we had prepared the car so that we could spend the night in it if necessary. We used this opportunity three times. We were very happy with all the places we found on the airbnb platform. We stayed in Rome at Hotel Chicago – a hotel of the 1990s style, because we could not “check in” through the booked apartments. We were not really to blame for this delay, so we got our money back for the reservation from

A very convenient thing nowadays is self check-in, when there are keys somewhere near the apartments and you can pick them up yourself. Arrival at such apartments cannot be missed, so it is a very convenient option if you do not know the time of arrival clearly.

Day Stops km Where we spent night What we saw
Day 1 Riga, Latvia -> Lodz, Poland airbnb apartments in Lodz Manufaktūra, pedestrian street
Day 2 Lodz, Poland -> Czechia -> Attersee, Austria In car by the Atersee lake in Austria Kreuzensyein CastleAttersee
Day 3 Attersee, Austria -> Lago di Braies, Italy In car by the Lago Di Braies in Italy AtterseeSalzburg



Lago di Braies

Day 4 Lago di Braies, Italy -> Lake Garda, Italy airbnb apartments nearby lake Garda Lago di BraiesCortina d’Ampezzo


Lake Garda

Day 5 Lake Garda, Italy -> Pisa, Italy In car by the sea in Pisa, Italy Lake GardaMilano Disk Golf



Day 6 Pisa, Italy -> Roma, Italy Hotel Chicago Roma PisaVolterra

Ficulle (Satikām Edgaru)

Orvieto (saulespuķu bildes)

Bsilica of Saint Praxedes

Roma Coleseum

Foro di Augusto

Foro di Cesare

Foro Romano


Roma Arco di Tito

Roma Altar della Patria

Circo Massimo

Day 7 Roma, Italy -> Ancona, Italy -> Split, Croatia Ancona -> Split ferry AnconaMaza pilsētiņa, kur kafiju padzērām, apēdām saldējumu
Day 8 Split, Croatia airbnb apartments in Split, Croatia Kasjuni pludmale

Splitas vecpilsēta

Day 9 Split, Croatia -> Makarska, Croatia airbnb apartments in Split, Croatia SplitOmiš



Satikts vietējais draugs Nikola

Day 10 Split, Croatia -> Senj, Croatia airbnb apartments in Senj, Croatia SplitSalona



Day 11 Senj, Croatia -> Platak Disk Golf, Croatia Room in Platak SenjPula Arena

Platak Disk Golf

Day 12 Platak Disk Golf, Croatia -> Slovenia-> Italia -> Austria -> Bratislava, Slovakia airbnb apartments in Bratislav, Slovakia Platak Disk GolfSkocjan Caves


Day 13 Bratislava, Slovakia -> Czechia -> Lodz, Poland airbnb apartments in Lodz BratislavaOswiecim (Aušvica)


Satikta vietējā draudzene Kasia

Day 14 Lodz, Poland -> Riga, Latvia Home sweet home LodzLatvia

If you have come this far, here are some pictures from our trip:

We saw so much that after two weeks it is already difficult to remember all the places we were at. The most striking impressions have probably remained from the Auschwitz concentration camp. This place definitely makes you think about how good are the times that we live in, how comfortable we live, how safe we ​​live and how inhuman people can be to each other.

Of the nature, I liked the underground caves of Skočjan the best. There, through a huge underground cave, flows a river. The moisture has formed huge stalagmite formations, which are quite impressive. I love the mountains – they are so different and so powerful! When we reached the mountains, I was fascinated even by the smallest ones, but when we came to the “real ones”, with summits decorated with a snow cover, I was totally excited! The crystal clear water in the mountain lakes, when you can see what is happening even 10 meters under water, now it is beautiful!

If I have to choose one favorite country, it is definitely Croatia. I was there for the first time two years ago, but I couldn’t wait to get back there because nature there is so beautiful!