If You wish to earn additional money on the internet or outside it, the first task is to find an appropriate earning method. Please, take into account that you should give up such ideas as clicking on advertisements right away. By the way, I have earned money on the internet using 10 different methods!

Two of the most serious ways to profit which I have chosen myself is network marketing and affiliate marketing. In this article I am going to try to compare these two marketing methods as objectively as possible.

What is network marketing and affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing includes advertising of services and products of other companies, and in case of sales, the commission is earned.

Network marketing

Network marketing is a business model in which the companies are offering everyone to become a distributor of their products. Usually a principle of a network or a pyramid is involved in this model, when the payment for sold products can be received on several levels.

How much can you earn with network marketing and affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing

Profit possibilities in affiliate marketing are infinite. In the affiliate marketing Your profit depends solely on the available advertising channels and their popularity.

Network marketing

Profit possibilities in affiliate marketing are infinite. In the affiliate marketing Your profit depends solely on the available advertising channels and their popularity.

How money is being earned in network marketing and affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing

As mentioned earlier, in affiliate marketing You are getting paid for advertising the products of other companies. If You manage to attract to any of the companies a new client, who orders a product or service, You receive a commission payment. The amount of the commission payment depends on each partner, beginning from 1% up to 70% and more.

There are several payment types in affiliate marketing:

CPA (Cost Per Action) or payment for action – in this case You will be paid (once or several times, if the service is being subscribed) for the fact that an acquired client performs a purchase, or buys a service

CPL (Cost Per Lead) or payment for registration – in this case You will be paid (once) for the fact that the acquired client registers in the homepage of the company.

Revenue share or sharing with revenue – in this case the company will share their profit with You, earned from the clients You have acquired. In this model You are receiving part of the sum which the client is spending in the company (the most popular model with bookmakers’ and casino affiliate programs).

Network marketing

In the network marketing money can be earned in various ways. Profit types in network marketing are very different with different companies, but, of course, the most important factor is sold product and service amount. Commission payments for sold products usually varies from 5-40%.

Companies which are selling physical products, are using network marketing model in order to create the largest possible salesperson network. Usually in these networks access can be granted by invitations from an existing network participant. This participant then becomes Your referral or a sponsor and afterwards they receive a little bit of profit percentage from Your sales.

This is how level or pyramid structure forms, which is oftentimes linked with some kind of negative flavour. The larger, the more successful network You will be able to create, the bigger your income will be.

What is the everyday routine of a network marketing and affiliate marketing specialist?

Affiliate marketing

From my experience I can say that affiliate marketing specialist mostly works on a computer. Theoretically, it is possible to perform affiliate marketing activities without a computer but in practice affiliate marketing is usually an online activity.

Affiliate marketing specialists develop their online channels – blogs, websites, Youtube channels, Facebook, Instagram profiles in order to locate other company advertisements in there afterwards, by attracting new clients to which commission is being received.

The most difficult task of an affiliate marketing specialist is content creation. To make an internet resource popular, good content is necessary, which development is usually difficult and time-consuming.

An example of a successful affiliate marketing project is my other website (very similar to this, but in Latvian language) – epelna.lv And what is the key to such success? Of course, it is the content of this portal, which is read by at least 300 people daily.

Network marketing

In network marketing, You can design Your network both on the internet, and offline, but the best option is – in both environments. You have two most important tasks in network marketing – to sell the production and attract new sales people.

Upon selling the company’s products, You usually receive commission instantly, in the form of a fixed % from the total sum of the order. Sales may be organized in various ways, for example, by organizing presentations, talking to people in person, by advertising products or services on social networks.

New sales people attraction is very important in network marketing, probably even more important than sales. By creating Your network You are going to be receiving commission payments also for the products sold by Your attracted sales people. And these people afterwards are going to refer to this profit method also to their contacts and thus Your network is going to be growing.

Recruiting new sales people usually occurs during individual meetings, on seminars or trainings, and sometimes also online.