Nowadays, most people would choose to get their orders right in front of their doors. Food delivery is pretty convenient and time-efficient, especially that most people now prefer staying at home. Therefore, most restaurants are seeking delivery services that would help them serve their customers wherever they are.

The growth of the food delivery industry has opened vast opportunities for people who are looking to make money. In fact, according to Forbes’ statistics, the growth of its market will continue even after 4 years reaching $200 billion. So, it’s the right time to take advantage of the given opportunities of the delivery industry.

Food delivery is a pretty decent side-hustle or a business to anyone who’s looking for quicker and easier ways to make a living. Moreover, it includes tons of benefits that you can enjoy from getting extra tips, meeting new people, and many more.

What are the Things You Need Before Starting?

Before you can start something, there will always be things that you need to have. In starting a food delivery business or a side-hustle, you need to have the following:

A Vehicle

Since you’ll be delivering food from one area to another, having a vehicle is essential to make the job easy. The requirements for the vehicle that you need to have for food deliveries are flexible.

You can either use your bike, scooter, car, or any other type of vehicle to make the delivery. If you don’t own any vehicle, you can look for local restaurants that allow delivery personnel to get the job done even by foot.

License and Insurance

A driver’s license and insurance are also essential if you’re going to use a vehicle like a motorcycle, car, or any other vehicle that requires them. You have to ensure that these documents are accessible to you before you start applying for the job. Other documents to determine your identity and citizenship might also come in handy.


In terms of age, some food delivery services have age limits but other companies don’t. So, look for restaurants and food delivery services that allow anyone regardless of age.

Since you know the things that you need to have, your question probably is how to start, right? Well, here’s how you can make money delivering food from restaurants:

How to Start Making Money Delivering Food?

Apply as a Food Delivery Service Directly

Most local restaurants are still hesitant to partner with third-party delivery services, so usually hire individuals to deliver their food to their customers.

You can try asking the nearby restaurants if they need a food delivery service and apply to them. Applying directly is beneficial if you’re just looking for a side-hustle as you can directly speak with the manager about your availability. They can also offer a reasonable salary as they don’t have to pay third-party companies.

Apply to Food Delivery Companies

Another way to make money through delivery is to apply to established food delivery companies. Most of them are partnered with huge restaurants and food chains covering local and international branches, so their demand for hiring delivery partners is high.

Mostly, you can apply to these companies using their applications, websites, or through their regional offices if there are any.

You can check out these food delivery companies where you can apply as a delivery partner and start earning:

Food Delivery Companies to Apply

Bolt Food

Bolt Food is one of the in-demand food delivery service companies hiring delivery couriers around 150 cities in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North and South America. The company guarantees a flexible work schedule. So, you can apply at Bolt Food whether you’re applying for part-time or full-time.

However, aside from owning a vehicle, you should be 18 years old and above to apply as their delivery partner. You can also expect other requirements such as working phone numbers, email, and other necessary files. Check it out here.

Wolt Food Delivery

Another delivery company to apply to is Wolt, with 40,000 partner restaurants in more than 20 countries. The same with Bolt, you can also work for them at your own pace while receiving competitive earnings. To get started with Wolt, you just need a phone, vehicle, and other documents to validate your identity. Although they might ask for other requirements, so make sure to check out their website.


You can also apply to UberEats as their delivery partner by visiting their websites and complying with their requirements. They offer weekly payments and a flexible schedule as well. You can sign up on their website and start earning.

grub hub logo


GrubHub also offers great opportunities for those who want to earn extra money. The same with the previous companies, GrubHub will hire you if you have a vehicle and the requirements. You can apply through their website.