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Start investing with Peerberry from only 10 EUR

Many of Peerberry users have already used the opportunity to receive bonuses from €10 to even €1000. We want to remind you that you can invite as many friends as you want – the number of invitations and bonuses is not limited. The more friends you invite, the more bonuses you receive. Invite your friends to join the PeerBerry investors community and both you and your friends will be rewarded!

More information about the “Invite a friend” program can be found in the “Invite a friend” page which is placed in your PeerBerry account.

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If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact Peerberry support team.

We wish you rewarding and profitable investments together with your friends!

What is Peerberry?

In you have not read their review, you can do it here: Peerberry Review or just read a short introduction below:

Peerberry is a crowd funding platform which mainly concentrates on short term loan. This platform is owned by the Aventus Group which is highly respected company in this field. Peerberry was started in 2017 but it has been in this field for over ten years where since 2009 they were offering loans through Mintos P2P investment platform. The company is located in Latvia and it has more than 125 employees. In the first year after it was launched as an independent company it was able to reach 22 million Euros loans which were financed through the market place. This shows how the company has been able to grow rapidly within a relatively short time.

Start investing with Peerberry from only 10 EUR

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