football trading system

The simpliest football trading strategy

Lay The draw is the most popular football trading system. This Strategy is mostly used by beginners. If you apply this strategy to the correct type of match, you are almost guaranteed to profit 100% of the time.

The Strategy

The concept of this strategy is very simple – when a goal is scored in a football match, the prices of all the match outcomes (home win, away win or draw) changes. How it changes depends on many factors such as which team scores the goal and the time of the goal. In this strategy we are trying to lay the draw before the kick-off, and back it at higher price after goal is scored, therefore securing a great profit.
Before the game:

 Select match by the following criteria:

  • Favourite odds is lower than 2
  • Odds on draw is lower than 4
  • In last 3 games there haven`t been 0-0 draw for none of the teams
  • The favourite team scores more than one goal in match on average
  • Head-to-Head between the teams indicates lots of goal (should be within the last two years)
  • The liquidity in the market should be at least 40 000


  •   If the favourite team scores first, I get out of my position and green up
  •    If the dog scores first, I do the “Metaltone” strategy: back the draw for 50% of my initial lay stake and lay the “dog” for 75% of my initial lay stake.  If there is an equaliser, you can then green up for overall profit.  If there is no equaliser and the dog goes on to win, I accept the loss (or in some cases small profit) that I have on the dog and move on to the next game
  •   If still 0-0 when the draw price hits 2.0, I “red” up and accept the loss