Low-risk Trading In Tennis

novak djokovic tennis trading

The trading while a tennis match is on can be very dynamic. The chart of the players’ ratio can change rapidly in just a few seconds. How can unexpected leaps and losses be avoided?

The first set

The rules of Betfair betting exchange foresee that the bets made at the time of the game are accepted and reviewed only if both of the players have finished the first set. Injuries in tennis are not something unusual, and a player on whom someone has made a bet can sprain his ankle at any moment.

Because of these rules trading in the first set of the game is the safest, since the bets will be cancelled. If one of the players quits after the first set has been finished, in the case of an injury the other player will automatically win and the bet will be lost.

Of course, the exact opposite might happen as well and the player against whom a bet has been made might quit. In this case the profits will be bigger than it has been predicted before the trade. Still, trading is not roulette or a wheel of fortune, so it’s safer and better to trade in the first set.

 Break lead

A popular strategy that can be used when trading WTA tennis games is to make a lay bet after a player has broken a serve and held one as well. This bet is made on the player who has made the break not lost it.

In women’s tennis the sportswomen have difficulty with holding their serves. This means that the cases when the other player gets a break are not rare. The ratio of the player who has received the break will have lowered and gotten close to the one this player would have if she had won the first set.

In this case the risk will be reduced because the ratio of the player will not go down as much is she wins a set or gets a double break as it would in the case of the first break.

To find out more about this strategy you can see this link and read more or watch video examples.

 Serving for the match

 This strategy is also connected with women’s tennis trading – if a player is one break ahead and is serving for the match, then the bet is made against her when the player has a set ball. In this case as well the player’s ratio will be very close to the one she might have if the player had already won the set.

It is worth noting here that as soon as the player wins the set you should immediately leave the trading because the other player might quit because of the lack of motivation or because of an injury.

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