offers tennis predictions: daily tennis tips, tennis picks and model analysis on historical tennis betting data.

The tennis picks that this service provides are created based on more than 330.000 past tennis match statistics using artificial intelligence (machine learning). There are pros and cons for this: although using the tennis predictions blindly, without having proper knowledge is not advised, combining human factors and machine generated tennis picks is probably the best and most profitable method. One of the biggest advantage of using computers in betting tips is the fact that AI assigns a probability value to every pick. Based on the probability, the bettor then can decide to bet (and if so how much) on a given tennis match or not.

Two simple tips for profitable tennis betting
  •  Never bet on a match without having proper background knowledge.
  • Don’t risk more than 2% of your current bankroll. (Some say it can go up to 5%.)

The best thing about this tennis tipping site is that they provide very usefull tool for making your own tennis betting or trading strategies. You are able to change odds range where bets are placed and put on other filters to see if  your tennis betting strategy would be succesful in long term.