Martingale Binary Options Strategy

Similarly to casinos, you can use the Martingale’s probability theory in the binary option markets. If you choose to trade in a short period of time, the rate fluctuations are very difficult to predict, thus a 50-50 situation occurs and a system where you can double the next bet all the time. Another good poit of this strategy is fixed payout. That let us easily caclulate net bet if we lose the first one.

The Strategy:

binary options martingale startegy

This picture and instructions below shows how Martingale strategy works

1. We make a bet of 10 Euros in point A that the rate will go down (DOWN).

2. Let’s assume that this time the bet has lost. Now we make a bet in point B and say that the rate will go down (DOWN) again, but this time we make a bet of 28 Euros.

3. IF the bet has lost again, we increase it once more and say the rate will go down (DOWN), but as we can see in the picture, point C is below point B, so we have won.

4. Repeat all of the actions mentioned above. Some time you will lose more that one bet in a row! But do not panic, just double it up and wait for winning one!

 Some calculations for this example:

The amount of the invested money = (10+28) =38 Euros

Money won = 28*1.71=47.88, so, we have won 47.88-38= 9.88 Euros in 30 minutes (if we bet on 15 minute expiry time)

Advantages Of This Strategy:

  • Very profitable if used correctly
  • Allmost 100% chance of winning
  • Easy to understand and use. Good for begginers

Disadvantages Of This Strategy:

  • Doubling up will require some money
  • There is possibility of bigger loosing streaks

Tips For Bigger Profits

  • Try this strategy out with lowest stakes at first
  • Bigger deposit – bigger chances to earn

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