In case that you are using Lay The Draw strategy and the underdog team scores first, then usually you will use Metaltone exit strategy.

If you apply Metaltone, then you will greatly reduce the liability on the trade and in case of favorite team comeback, you will make a profit.

What bets are placed on Metaltone strategy?

In this exit strategy, you will have to place bets only if underdog team scores a goal first:

  • Back draw odds for 50% of the amount that you layed the draw;
  • Lay the underdog team for 75% of amount that you layed the draw;

If you place bets following this guide, you will get a big green screen on the favorite team that is a goal behind. If the pre-match favorites scores an equalizer goal, you will be able to green up profits across all the results. If there will be no more goals scored or the pr-match underdog will score another goal, then you can loose all your stake.

Example of Metaltone strategy using € 100 LTD stake

Lets look at example, how this strategy works and how your liability changes making the Metaltone bets.

  • We are laying the draw on odds of 3.6 which gives us a liability of € 260 and profit of € 260 sitting on each team.
  • The underdog team scores first goal and their lay odds go down to 1.80, but draw odds of back bet goes to 3.55.
  • At this point we have to use Metaltone strategy: back the draw at odds of 3.55 for € 50 (50% of € 100) and lay the team that scored for € 75 at odds of 1.80 (75% of € 100).

After these bets, you will have:

  • about € 70 liability on the draw;
  • about € 18 liability on the team that scored a goal;
  • about € 100 profit on the pre-match favorite team that is a goal behind.

What happens next?

Lets look at game scenarios after executing the Metaltone LTD exit strategy:

There are no more goals in the game

If there are no more goals in this football game and it ends with 0-1, then you will be looking at a loss of € 18. It is not much if our liability at the start was € 260.

There is a timely equalizing goal from favorite team

If the pre-match favorite team scores an equalizing goal soon after you have placed Metaltone bets, you will be awarded with nice profit. You can then decide to wait for another goal from favorite or even the profits across all results.

There is a late equalizing goal from favorite team

If the favorite team manages to score a goal late in the game, it may not be enough to make you a profit. If the goal comes at about 80th minute, then you probably will have to settle down with a scratch trade or take a small loss across all results. Of course, you can wait for the favorite to score another goal, but they do not come too often. Better safe than sorry!


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