First off, no one cares about your opportunity. There…I’ve said it and its time you know. They’re not interested in learning about your company. They could care less about your business and how its the greatest thing since sliced bread. People are just like you, they care about “whats in it for me?,” and that’s it.

Why should they go to a network meeting at the Hyatt or go to your house for a “live” conference call? Because you say so? Because they’ll learn about the next big thing? Because they’ll be getting in on the ground floor? Sorry…that won’t do it. They’re bored and disinterested because in this age, they’ve been there…done that. Sometimes twice.

They’ve heard it all before and don’t want to be suckered by their friend, relative or co-worker. Sure they might be nice and polite in your face but you know what they’re really thinking. “How can I get out of here…?”

They do not want to hear what you have to say and you know why? They didn’t ask to hear about it. They didn’t initiate the conversation. They did not approach you, you approached them. They are not pre-sold about your opportunity and here you are hitting them over the head with it.

Let me ask you this…wouldn’t it be easier to “sell” your business opportunity to someone who asked about it? What if peopled called or e-mailed your about what it is that you’re doing? What if they reached out to you and actually asked about how you’re making money? Do you think they might be more receptive to what you have to say, if they started the conversation?

You Have To Sell Yourself Before You Even Think

About Selling Your Opportunity.

They don’t trust you. Yes, I know it hurts but its the truth. They don’t trust you, because you haven’t given them a reason to. In fact, you haven’t given them anything. And no, a video about your opportunity does not count.

People care more about you, than they do about your opportunity. Sell them on your first…then your opportunity.

Selling them on you, begins with you putting them first. Show that you put them first by meeting their needs before yours.

You have to give them some information. Some free information. Give them something, before you ask for something. Make sense?
If someone gave you something, or gave your something consistently would you trust them? Would you think that they have your best interest (not theirs) in mind? Would you be more prone to listen to them if they gave you free information before they asked you for anything?

The answer is probably yes and that is exactly how it works with your prospects. You have to get them to trust you by giving away information before they ever do anything for you.

Yes I know this is contrary to what you’ve been taught. It is the opposite of what your upline has told you to do. Its counter to your natural instincts but have your natural instincts worked so far? I don’t try to be mean but if it did, you wouldn’t be reading this article would you? Ouch!

You owe it to yourself and your future prospects to find out just how giving away free information before ever asking for anything in return, can skyrocket your network marketing business! Guess what, giving away free information can be free for you too!