Invite a friend to join NEO Finance as an investor and get the reward all year long!

Referral programme Invite a Friend has always been very important to us.

Therefore, we are glad to present you with an even more attractive, updated programme.

Start investing with NeoFinance from only 10 EUR

What is new in the referral programme?

As before, you will get the reward for every single friend you invite to join NEO Finance.

Yet, in terms of the renewed programme, you will get the reward all year long!

Briefly, everything will look as follows:

1. You will invite a friend to join the NEO Finance investor community.

2. After they register and open an account, you will get EUR 5, whereas the friend will get EUR 20 for investing in the platform.

3. When they invest, for one year, we will transfer you 1% of the money they invest to your account.

Read the updated rules of the programme here.

How much can I earn?

For example:

Using the registration code given by you, your friend registers at and gets EUR 20 for investing in the platform.

Let’s say that later on, every month EUR 300 is transferred to their NEO Finance account and invested in the platform.

This means that your friend will get EUR 20 for investing, whereas you:

In the first month, you will get EUR 5 for their registration and opening an account + EUR 320 * 1% = EUR 3.2.

During the remaining 11 months, you will get EUR 300 * 1% = EUR 3.

Therefore, the full yearly earnings of one friend will sum up to EUR 41.2.

And you can invite as many friends as you want!

Start investing with NeoFinance from only 10 EUR

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