Over 1.5 Goals Soccer Trading Strategy on Betfair

over 1.5 goals soccer trading

over 1.5 goals soccer trading

The classical Over/Under bets are always based on 2.5 goals. This strategy is based on Over 1.5 goals, which is more secure way to place bets if compared to ordinary Over 2.5.

Over/ Under 1.5 goals trading strategy

As the heading says – we’ll bet on Football –  on a number of goals.

Under 1.5 goals means, that here will be t 0 or 1 goal in the football game.
Over 1.5 goals means, that there will be 2 or more goals in the football match.

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In this strategy bets are always placed Live on In-play games.

The odds of the over/under 1.5 goals market tend to raise fast. Before the game average odds for the Over 1.5 are 1.30 or more. And that is surely not enough to make a decent profit in a long run. So we have to wait until  odds raises. Wait for the game begin and simply watch the Football game. Each minute that passes without a goal, raises the odds.

After 15 minutes in the game, you can expect odds to be about 1.45. In 30 minutes in the game about 1.70 and if the first half doesn’t produce any goals at all the odds could raise to 2.0 or over!

This is what we are looking for and that’s when we’ll place our bet. If you want, you can place a bet in the 40. minute of the first half or during the half-time.

The sooner you place, the lower your profits will be.

When the first goal will be scored, the odds will drop, usually back to 1.5 and making a perfect position to trade the bet. The time of the first goal also determines how much you’ll win. In an ideal position, the first goal will be scored between 46th and 55th minute.

And it happens a lot!

Remember – don’t place any bets in the first 30 minutes of the game. After that, check the odds and bet on Over 1.5!

Check the statistics. If the last five or six matches have produced over 2.5 goals for both teams or at least the home team, bet on it. Bet whenever you think you’re ready, it could be 10th or 30th minute.

Take the odds at 1.50 or over!

What happens if the goal is scored in the first 10 minutes?

Then, this strategy is not suitable anymore.

Instead of that, check the statistics for the team. Maybe it’s just a lucky shot and bet on Under 1.5! The odds at that point must be at least 10!! If you play on a betting exchange, wait and hope for another 30 minutes without goals. You’ll be able to sell your bet with a nice profit again! Of course, you don’t need to sell, but the risk is higher.

Sometimes, the teams will keep you on the edge for 80 minutes, before the action starts.


A great universal strategy. The only downside is – you’ll have to watch the games or at least keep a track of live-score and you’ll need a lot of time to do that. But in the end – it’s worth it!

Let’s do a quick summary:

  • Place your bets on over 1,5 goals instead of 2,5 goals market;
  • Do the homework and choose only the games that are predicted for over 2,5 do qualify for this strategy;
  • Don’t place any bets until the odds for over 1,5 are at least 1,50 or more (ideally, wait for 40 minutes or the whole first half to remain goalless);
  • If the goal is scored in the first 60 minutes of the game, you’ll be making money if you trade out, or leave the bet open and hope for another goal. This depends on what you see if you’re watching the game. If the goal is hanging in the air – keep it open.