Pay-To-Click businessPaid to click (PTC) is a popular model of online business that allows people to work from home. PTC websites are intermediaries between the advertisers (companies that want to attract customers) and the clients. The advertiser pays for the displaying of the advertisements in the PTC website and a portion of this money goes to the person who clicks on the advertisement, which is you!

You can earn more by recommending this way of earning money to your friends and sending them a unique link. You will receive a certain percentage of their profits (the people whom you recommended the PTC).

There is a lot of discussion about the usefulness of this model of business for the advertisers and there are a lot of opinions that this is quite useless because the people who click on the ads are not interested in buying anything. Because of these fake clicks the costs of advertising have increased, so specific programs have started to try and find a way to distinguish between real and fake clicks.

Even though this model is still current and real money can be earned, you should be careful and watch out from fake PTC websites. Some PTC websites are scammers and offer to buy various additions, improvements and referrals (people you’ve referred to) that have been created by the owners of the website. Money might be swindled out of you this way because these services don’t have a real value. Some websites demand to have some kind of an improvement so you could take the money you’ve earned, but this is also one of the ways people get scammed.

If you decide to earn money by clicking on advertisements, you should trust websites that are popular with people and have been tried out and known to be good.