April was a special month in terms of a significant increase in the number of new investors on the PeerBerry platform. 2,470 new clients joined PeerBerry in April. This is a record growth in new clients on the platform. To date, the average growth in new clients per month has been about 1 300 new investors per month.

What is Peerberry?

In you have not read their review, you can do it here: Peerberry Review or just read a short introduction below:

Peerberry is a crowd funding platform which mainly concentrates on short term loan. This platform is owned by the Aventus Group which is highly respected company in this field. Peerberry was started in 2017 but it has been in this field for over ten years where since 2009 they were offering loans through Mintos P2P investment platform. The company is located in Latvia and it has more than 125 employees. In the first year after it was launched as an independent company it was able to reach 22 million Euros loans which were financed through the market place. This shows how the company has been able to grow rapidly within a relatively short time.

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peerberry growth

The main PeerBerry figures for the end of April 2021

  • the total loan volume originated since inception: 521 987 131 EUR (+7.5% growth)
  • the loan volume originated in April: 36 074 096 EUR (+1.5% vs March 2021)
  • the number of loans originated in April: 229 551 (+5% vs March 2021)
  • the interest earned by investors since inception: 5 711 283 EUR (+7.8% growth)
  • the average annual ROI at the end of April: 11.17% (-0.26 pp vs March 2021)
  • the average nominal interest rate of loans originated in April: 10,88% (-0.31% pp vs March 2021)
  • the number of investors at the end of April: 36 012 (+2470 new investors per month)
  • PeerBerry’s total portfolio amounted to 48.24 million EUR at the end of April (grew up by 10% compared with March).

peerberry new clients

“Together with our business partners, we plan that their borrowing needs will grow this quarter. We will offer investors all types of new loans – both short-term and long-term, leasing and business loans. Quite soon we will also offer new real estate projects” – says Arūnas Lekavičius, CEO of PeerBerry.

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