Sports’ betting has become increasingly popular in the recent past. This has been as a result of technological improvements where you can bet through the internet. You just need to know the games which are being played and have a device which can be connected to the internet. One of the most popular sports is football where you can predict the outcomes of different games. The only thing you will need is to select the right online betting company.

One of the most reliable and trusted online betting software is ScoreGrid. This is a unique betting software that focuses on football and it is designed for use on betting exchanges. This particular platform is positioned between you and the exchange and allows you to place orders more effectively and faster. This platform is simpler than the ordinary traditional web interface. The importance of this is to allow even beginners to participate in football betting in an effective manner. This platform reduces the complexity of betting where you can mix and match single bête among different markets in a certain football game.

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How it Works

ScoreGrid has been specially designed for pre-game and in play betting in Betfair Exchange Market. The platform usually shows the outcomes for all possible score of the game. This is unlike the traditional betting which usually uses betting results for every market separately. The importance of this is that the users have more options to choose from whenever they want to bet. The users can also make decisions depending on the different options available. The platform increases chances of winning depending on the decisions you make. When it comes to in betting you have the opportunity to bet even when the game is going on. You just need to easily download the application on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

When it comes to trading on this football betting platform you can also trade easily. The application gives you a unique opportunity to easily trade. Through football trading you will have more opportunities to make money. The ScoreGrid application has all the guidelines on how you can be able to trade effectively. There are simple steps which you can follow even if you are using the application for the first time. By following these simple steps you will be able to bet and do football trading in a convenient manner.

Correct score grid example of lay the draw Betfair trading strategy

Getting Started

Joining this platform is simple where you will be able to bet on the exchange market of Betfair. You will just need to download the application on your device and then register. To register you will have to provide your personal details. These details are the ones that will create an account where you will have a user ID and a password.

Through this particular account you will be able to conveniently transact on the platform. You can easily deposit or withdraw from the account depending on your betting strategy and your plan. There is an opportunity to start using the application without necessarily having real money. This opportunity is especially helpful to beginners who might not be conversant with the account. Through this trial you will be able to learn how to use the platform and when you have learnt enough you can proceed to use real money.

The Website

ScoreGrid has a very interactive and friendly website. Once you have the application you will be able to easily access the website. There are assortments of colors on the website to make sure that everything is visible keenly. The website is also easy to navigate where you can go to different sections in a simple manner.

The website is mobile friendly where you can use it using your smartphone. This is helpful especially if you are travelling since you will be able to use the website regardless of where you are. Furthermore, you will be getting notifications and updates regarding the platform and the various football games going on. This gives you an opportunity to stay updated regarding your investment and bets. The details you provide while opening an account are the ones that will be used to send you updates and notifications.

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The Support Team

Although there will be no need for support while using this software, the support team will always be there for you.

While on this platform you will have access to the support team which can help you resolve any issue that you might have regarding the platform. This support team works to make sure that all the people on the platform have their issues resolved properly. The platform is also available on social media where you even get to interact with other users. This is helpful because you can get useful information about the platform. Through using the support team you will be able to get prompt answers whenever you have a question or a query regrinding the application and the platform. The importance of having a reliable support team is to make sure that you do not have any problems while using the platform.


The platform provides an opportunity to work out with an assortment of betting markets;

There is the possibility of making a combination of betting and trading options;

Availability of lay/back bets which are provided to the beginners who might not be conversant with the platform;

Possibility of placing bets even when the football games are going on;

A very interactive and friendly website which makes usage easier.


As a beginner it might take time to understand how the platform works;

Not all currencies that can be used on this platform.

Final Verdict

It is evident that ScoreGrid provides a unique opportunity when it comes to football betting and football trading. The platform has a modern approach which gives users more opportunities to make money.

This is a new approach which is not used by other online betting platforms. There are different features which have been put in place with an intention of making using the platform easier. Furthermore, the website is designed in a modern way where you can easily see everything regarding the platform.

You do not have to be an expert or be experienced in betting to use this particular platform. Therefore, ScoreGrid is a modern platform which makes football betting and football trading easier and more convenient.

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