Step-by-step Guide for 100% Profits from bookmaker bonuses


 1. You will need a type of identification and a document confirming your place of residence. It is possible that you will be asked by the exchange offices to show these documents when the money will be paid.

2. You need to open an account on and deposit some money. You can use a credit card as well, but using will be quicker and more convenient.

3. Open up an account in betfair betting exchange and deposit the money there. This strategy will not work without an account in

4. Register in one of the offered betting exchanges and receive a bonus. You should read the bonus and turn-over rules carefully.

5. You are ready to bet. offers a 100% bonus of 100 Euros for turning over 600 Euros – an excellent offer. This means, that if you deposit 100 Euros there, you will instantly have 200 Euros to play with.  

To transfer the bonus to your bank account there are two options:

1. Transfer all of your money to betfair (place bets that result in the money going from the place it has been deposited to betfair)

2. Turn over the previously required sum (600 euros for bet365) of money and take the money out of the gaming betting.  

How to choose the amount of the bet:

You should definitely choose a bigger bet than minimal odds stated in bonus terms and conditions, or it won’t count as a turn over. You need to look for as small difference as possible between the bookmaker odds and the LAY odds in (the betting exchange has a 5% fee, because of which we will lose a small amount of the bet (1-5%)) You can choose almost any event – football ((match odds, over/under, half time, etc.), ice hockey (over/under, moneyline, match odds) basketball, baseball, etc.  

An example of a good bet: Looking for a bet can be done manually or by using this tool. By using the odds finder it was possible to find a great bet in a matter of a minute, which does not happen often. It’s ratio is 3 points higher than the betting exchange’s but the best bets are usually either the same or the betting exchange’s stakes are higher. You choose the amount of the bet, but in the bet is calculated by the Matched Betting Calculator.

A bet of 50 euros on team Start

online money making strategy

  A bet of 49.71 euros LAY bet on team Start betfair

If the half-time has been won by the team Start, then you win the game betting and win 90 Euros 90-40.29=49.71) If the half-time has been won by the team Hodd or it is a draw, you win the betting exchange and receive 41.71 Euros (50-29.71=0.29). So, in any case we lose 0.29 cents, but we turn over 50 Euros. Of course, it’s better to win in the betting exchange and do without the full turnover. When this has been resolved we can look for a new bet and place one. This continues until we have turned the necessary amount of money or until we have transferred all of the money to the betting exchange.  

Important notes:

  • One IP address can only have one bonus
  • One bonus can be received by only one person from the family
  • You need to read carefully whether the bonus is available for your country