The Sports Betting Professor System certainly has a nice website and it certainly makes some bold claims, but are they correct or is it all one big scam?  My review will hopefully answer those for you.  I’ve always been one for trying things out and I’ve never been frightened about having to pay for something, if something is worth doing it’s worth doing right.

So following on from the success I was having with the Sports Betting Champ by John Morrison, I decided to take the plunge and buy Rich Allen’s Sports Betting Professor System.

Th initial outlay is $197 which is about £125, yes it does seem a little expensive but read on and you can make your own mind up as to whether it represents good value.


After going through the clickbank  checkout, you are instantly able to download the 3 US betting system ebooks.  You get a NFL system, NBA system & a MLB system, the acronyms stand for National Football League, National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball respectively.

As well as the ebooks, you also get Rich’s US sports picks, where he does the work, so that you don’t have to, worth every penny/cent in my opinion.

Above is the front cover of the Sports Betting Professors NFL System, as you can see it’s a well presented and this slick presentation continues throughout all the systems ebooks.

NFL Betting System – The system itself is easy to follow and easy to implement, the instructions are laid out in a easy-to-read manner.  It takes you through the statistics and research that Rich Allen has used to create the system and then explains how to use this information.  There are tables which illustrate what you should do based on whether you’re betting on a favourite/underdog or home/away.  This may sound complex, but it’s not at all and the tables make it easy to pick you winning NFL bets

NBA Betting System – Once again the system itself well presented and you can be up and running within minutes when it comes to game selection.  As a total amateur when it comes to US sports, I have found these guides to be informative, useful and most of all profitable.  A quick reference table is provided so that you know how to make your bets win time after time.

MLB Betting System – I think you’re probably getting the impression that Rich Allen’s betting ebooks are well thought out and laid out in a format which is easy on the eye.  Well that continues in the Major League Baseball ebook and yet again it helps to simplify the complexities of sports betting and tells you how to select your own MLB sports picks.  The quick reference table is included again and it really is a useful tool within the ebook

US Sports Selections By Email – So having said all of that, you may be thinking, but I don’t want to have to go through the US sports fixtures and make my own selections.  Well that’s the real beauty of buying this system, you don’t have to.  After you’ve bought the systems, you will also receive Rich’s selections on a near daily basis.

To give you an idea of how many selections you will receive from Rich, in the past 2 months I have received 75 official system picks and over 70 non-system picks (these non-system picks are also running at a profit, just not as much).  So you’re looking at at least 1 system selection per day, so there’s plenty of chances for you to carve out some winnings.

Rich’s emails are superior to the Sports Betting Champs emails because Rich gives you the exact point spread to place your bet on, whereas with the SBC you have to do some leg work yourself to find the line.

The bets you place form part of a betting series which although it is a 3 phase betting system, as in the A-B-C bets, it is distinctly different from the ABC system employed over by John Morrison on the Sports Betting Champ.  The Sports Betting Professor series are more fluid therefore your bet A could be someones B-Bet and so on.

The Betting System

  • Bet A – Your normal bet amount. If you bet to win $10, $100 or $500, this is what you want to start with. Sports Betting Professor includes information relating to how much of your bankroll should be used for each wager.
  • Bet B – If you lose Bet A, you make the Bet B ‘to win amount’ equal to the sum of any losses from Bet A plus any profit you would have achieved from winning Bet A. If you win Bet B, your next bet reverts back to your original Bet A amount.
  • Bet C – In case Bet B fails, you make Bet C ‘to win amount’ equal to the sum of any loss you’ve suffered from Bet A, plus the loss from Bet B, plus profit you would have achieved from winning Bet A. If you lose a Bet C, this is considered a loss for the system. There are no losses counted for a loss on Bet A or a Bet B.  But over the last 15 years Rich Allen’s research shows there is almost no chance of that happening.
  • There is NEVER a BET D – It doesn’t matter if you win or lose a Bet C; for your next bet you revert back to your original win amount from Bet A

Well in 2 months so far, I am delighted to report that there has not been a single series lost, yes there have been some lost A bets and a couple of lost B Bets, but there has never been a 3 loss streak.  In fact you can also win using this system, simply by placing straight bets.  To be a winning sports bettor on US sports handicaps, you need to win around 52.7% of you bets, once you’ve taken into account odds and commission.  The Sports Betting Professor system is currently running at over 69%, so if you’d just put a win bet on each of Rich’s selection you’d have a superb profit to show for it.

Online Gambling Sites To Use

With Sports Betting Professor System, you sometimes need to purchase half a point, so you need to make sure you are with a bookmaker which allows you to do this.

For US based punters, then I’ve used Heroes Sportsbook quite a lot, they charge a lower commission/juice/vig than most US sportsbooks, so depending on the amount that you’re staking this can make a big difference to your bottom line.  It may not be the prettiest site, but it covers all of the matches used by this system, offers the best odds and the lowest commission.  Sign-up with Heroes Sportsbook and receive a welcome cash bonus

For UK based punters, then Bet365 is the only place to place your US Sports bets.  Initially I was placing the majority on Betfair (and I still do some), but Bet365 allows you to purchase points if required, so I’ve moved my US bankroll over onto Bet365 and the additional spread is easy to find once you know how, I’ll show you below……

So you can see I’ve highlighted the Additional Point Spread within the NBA section of Bet365, after you click that, the next screen will appear.

As you can see there are multiple point spreads to choose from and Bet365 is a huge, reputable UK bookmaker, who offer a £200 instant bonus match when you make your first deposit into their sportsbook.  Bet365 is a perfect match for the Sports Betting Professor, to sign-up and claim your free£200, simply click here

Sports Betting Professor System Summary

  • Cost = $197/£125
  • Difficulty = Very very easy, receive an email selection and place the bet
  • Value  = Excellent, I made my money back within 5 weeks from £5 bets
  • Profitability = Exceptional, this really does deliver decent priced winners
  • Recommended = Yes 100%, I can’t say enough good things about this system

Please note that in mid January 2010, I started using £50 stakes due to my confidence in the system, so below you will see two “Jan 10″ results, one for the £5 stakes at the beginning of the month and one for the £50 stakes after the 15th January.  The projections for what would have happened with £100 stakes are still accurate and have been extrapolated accordingly.

Profit/Loss Made So Far (based on £50 stakes)

  • Jan 10 = £283.95 Profit (6 bet series, 6 wins – NBA)
  • Feb 10 = £722.77 Profit (15 bet series, 15 wins – NBA)
  • Mar 10 =£508.99 Profit (9 bet series, 9 wins – NBA)

Profit/Loss Made So Far (based on £5 stakes)

  • Nov 09 = £70.86 Profit (19 bet series, 19 wins – NBA, NFL & NCAA)
  • Dec 09 = £71.91 Profit (23 bet series, 23 wins – NBA, NFL & NCAA)
  • Jan 10 = £30.84 Profit (6 bet series, 6 wins – NBA & NFL)

Profit/Loss Made I Would Have Made So Far (based on £100 stakes)

  • Nov 09 = £1,417.20 Profit (19 bet series, 19 wins – NBA, NFL & NCAA)
  • Dec 09 = £1,438.20 Profit (23 bet series, 23 wins – NBA, NFL & NCAA)
  • Jan 10 = £1,184.70 Profit (12 bet series, 12 wins – NBA & NFL)
  • Feb 10 = £1,445.54 Profit (15 bet series, 15 wins – NBA)
  • Mar 10 =£1,017.98 Profit (9 bet series, 9 wins – NBA)