Swing Trading

swing tennis trading

Swing trading is a tennis strategy that is based on breaks, won sets and other events in the game that affect the ratio.

The Strategy:

This strategy is recommended for women’s tennis, where there are far more broken serves then in men’s tennis games.

In picture below you can see how a usual tennis match looks like in the WTA tour. 

swing trading tennis

Many serves are broken, as well as many break points are scored, which are being defended later on. This is the type of intrigue WTA games have!

This can be easily used by the tennis traders, who can place lay bets in the lowest points and a back bet in the peaks.

In men’s tennis this strategy can be used in games where the favourite loses the first set. If the favourite has lost the first set, then he will try to get even in the second set and he usually succeeds in this. In these types of games you can make a lay bet on the winner of the first set at the beginning of the second one and wait for the favourite to get even.

If the favourite does lose in the game when it’s his serve with 0:30 or 15:40, then it’s best to close your position and face the losses.

Advantages Of This Strategy:

  • One of the best strategies. Thanks to the girls!
  • Break will change the odds considerably

Disadvantages Of This Strategy:

  • There are some exceptions, where one player dominates the game

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