Who is Thomas Kralow and what is his trading program?

Thomas Kralow, who is Latvian by the way, is an active stock market trader with more than 7 years of experience, 20 thousand trades and proven profit of at least 9 million USD. It averages more than 2.5 thousand transactions and 1.25 million USD profit per year. You can see his published trading results on his website.

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After achieving good results in trading, he decided to create his own trading education program with the goal of teaching new traders to achieve the same success. Thomas Kralow didn’t just learn the trade by himself – he had his own mentor. He understands exactly what it takes to make money in the stock market and how difficult it would have been without the help of a mentor.

Perhaps Thomas Kralow would not be where he is today without the help of his mentor. He had decided to go to university to become a lawyer before his mentor talked him into studying commerce. He now has huge trading profits, a successful trading education business, and is currently working on building a multi-million dollar hedge fund.

In this comprehensive Thomas Kralow review, we’ll take a look at Thomas Kralow’s fast-growing trading education program, “University Level Trading,” and find out if Thomas Kralow is a really good trader or just another bogus guru.

Thomas Kralow Reviews – It’s hard to find any bad reviews!

Before you rush to judge the Thomas Kralow trading education program based on your personal opinion, it is important to look at reviews on the Internet. One of the best places to get reviews of internet companies is Trustpilot.com.

Thomas Kralow TrustPilot reviews and testimonials:


As we can see, Thomas Kralow’s rating on Trustpilot is 4.7/5.0, which is almost perfect! See the reviews for yourself on the Trustpilot.com website.

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Even before diving into his trading program, it would be a good idea to read the user reviews here. Usually, the reviews of the companies are very different, but for the Thomas Kralow trading program, they all almost unanimously say that this program is worth the money invested and more!

What the Thomas Kralow Trading Program Offers – Full trading course and Cost:

Thomas Kralow offers two versions of his trading program – the full version or the shortened version. The full version includes all 14 core chapters listed below, as well as the final exam. The shortened version is identical except for one chapter that covers the basics.

  • Effective start
  • Trading psychology
  • Basics of technical analysis
  • Introduction to indicator trading
  • Important Indicator Trading Rules
  • Indicator trading systems
  • An introduction to level trading
  • Advanced level trading
  • Risk and money management
  • Level trading systems
  • Thomas Kralow Personal Trading Strategy
  • Personal algorithm and statistics
  • Choosing a trading approach
  • Summary
  • Final exam

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You will also be offered three different options depending on the level of personal assistance you want – Standard, Assistance or Assistance Plus. Standard is 100% self-study, Help is 60% self-study with 40% assisted study, and Help Plus is 90% assisted study with 10% self-study (including 1-on-1 support from Thomas Kralow). The cost of each option increases depending on the level of assistance you choose. In general, the most popular option among students is the mid-level program Help.

100% independent learning
60% independent, 40% assisted learning
10% independent, 90% assisted learning
Full cost$295 per month (4 months) or
$980 (one time payment)
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$695 per month (4 months) or
$2,480 (one time payment)
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$4,995 per month (4 months) or
$16,480 (one time payment)
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The cost of the shortened course$270/Month (For 4 Months), or
$880 (One-Time Payment)
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$645 per month (4 months) or
$2,280 (one time payment)
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$4,695 per month (4 months) or
$15,380 (one time payment)
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The program includesApproximately 120 days program
13/14 Basic chapters
More than 150 video lessons
More than 80 homework assignments
Exclusive access to the community
Comprehensive final exam
Diploma and graduation gift
Same as standard, plus:
Individual homework check
Personal assistant throughout the program
Private real money trading support after graduation
Same as Help, plus:
Direct line of communication, personal one-on-one support and private mentoring sessions with Thomas Kralow himself

Thomas Kralow youtube channel

Thomas Kralow is socially active – you can watch dozens of videos on his Youtube channel – Thomas Kralow Youtube

Why is he selling a trading education program – why not just trading by himself?

This is by far the most frequently asked question for trading mentors: “If you’re such a great trader, why don’t you trade yourself? Why are you also selling a course, program or service? “. This is definitely a valid question and usually these trading gurus just lie and say something about how they want to help people.

VISIT www.kralowuniversity.com

Thomas Kralow is respected for being completely honest about his reasons for deciding to create and sell a trading program. The first reason is that active trading was a lonely and stressful job that tied him to a computer chair for about 12 hours a day. Being a very social and creative person, he wanted to communicate more with people and new projects. At this time, he was almost not engaged in trade himself. He has mostly moved on to long-term investments, training and various other projects.

The second reason is that he did it to replace his trading income – and he’s not afraid to say so. Although he is busy with his program helping traders who signed up for Assisted Plus, he wanted to create more passive income for himself. In addition to that, he also wants to create his own hedge fund and participate in philanthropic activities, such as donating 15-20% of his income to orphanages in Latvia (where he grew up). Finally, his program is actually effective for his students – not useless like most others.

If you check out his YouTube channel or other social media, you’ll find that he’s like an open book when it comes to talking about almost any topic – even the details of how much his sales education business makes and the full details of his personal net worth.